Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I received so many kind wishes, by phone, mail, email and on Facebook. I am more blessed than any man. Thank You Jesus and thank you my friends.

I got this poem written for the day from a good friend, Apostle Nancy Minor. I love when poets write. I love good Haiku. Iambic Pentameter is always great:

Today is your birthday. So I offer thanksgiving to God for your life, and this prayer of Blessings over you.

Prophet Of God and friend to me
May God Bless You to continue to "see"
May His Word rise up firm and strong
May you always know where you belong

May Grace flow and wisdom too
Helping you in all you do
May your life be long and troubles few
May God's Favor shine down on you

May new vista's open and horizons come into view
Shifts in the Heavenlies making room for you
Gifts like watercourses now flowing
Speak the Truth in love-no man owing

May you sense Heavenly descent
Hearing and speaking it's messages sent
May you have strength for the Spiritual climb
You've counted the cost as worth the time

May you taste of the Honey kept for you
Found in the carcass of the lion you slew
Prophetic Blessings I declare for you this day
Spiritual openings that blow you away!

NEM 3/15/2010

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