Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sometimes the Hardest Part is when you are proven Right

I received a phone call from someone who has worked closely with a man who's ministry I have been concerned about. He is going thru a situation with his wife. She has filed for divorce. He continues as if nothing is happening in ministry. I have admonished as best I could.

Now I am contacted. Quietly. Privately. Don't quit telling the truth. Keep up the pressure. This man has quit the ministry association with him. He is no longer attached. Working for another large global ministry.

I believe that sometimes, even straws in the wind carry to the needed places. I hope he finds wisdom soon. I hope before he destroys too many he will back off for a while. He claims to be a heritor of Kathryn Kuhlman's mantle. There are parts of her Mantle that would have been best left on the ground.

I want the power of God to move in our midst. I don't want the power of God mixed with flesh that we seem to suffer from.

It is a hard day, but the bar is raised. God showed me that years ago. The bar is much higher. What Kathryn Kuhlman was able to do and still carry the anointing will no longer be tolerated in this new day.

It's not.

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