Sunday, June 14, 2009

The symbol of Ministry has become the Microphone instead of the Cross

In the last few days like an amplifier of the spirit I have begun seeing Microphones in every picture I see of every minister, pastor, Evangelist, teacher, prophet's hand. Don't believe me? Look at websites of ministries world wide. I won't post them. It would be an embarrassment.

Every single one of them features a picture of the man or woman of God with a microphone while they are preaching or teaching. WHY?

I understand the technical necessity. You have to be heard. I get that.

But, it's like God is saying, Who is being glorified in these pictures? I know who is not.

Where are the pictures of these ministers ministering, laying hands on the sick, sitting with a lost soul, praying with someone, waiting on God even prostrate on the floor or quietly offering a word of prophecy to a hungry soul who needs a word from God?

This is not a condemnation, but a correction. Try thinking in your ministry in terms of who God is and not who you are. OK? I don't often say this, but this is the word of the Lord for Someone.

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Heart and Hands Int'l Ministries said...

OUWWWCH! And I don't even have that many pictures of me with a microphone!

Once again- the message is- it is ALL ABOUT HIM-not about us folks.

Paul said, 1 Corinthians 2:4
"4And my language and my message were not set forth in persuasive (enticing and plausible) words of wisdom, but they were in demonstration of the [Holy] Spirit and power [[a]a proof by the Spirit and power of God, operating on me and stirring in the minds of my hearers the most holy emotions and thus persuading them],"

John 12:32 (Young's Literal Translation)

32and I, if I may be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto myself.'

Notice Jesus said "IF I may be..." The choice is still ours. Will we Lift Him up, or will we be lifted up in self importance and pride?

I am going to make a bold statement here. No it is more than just a statement- it is a prophetic decree; "Just as they that WILL to be rich ( self will) are pierced through with many arrows, so too they that self will to be lifted up, will find themselves sat down and in some cases set aside."

As my Mom used to tell me as a kid: "Don't be getting too big for your own britches." In other words when we get full of ourselves - we aren't being full of HIM! And it is HIS robes of righteousness that we wear- not our own.

'Nuff said.