Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sometimes Plucking from the Fire -- Burns

I have been in travail for a friend. I wondered why it seems like I have to go where she is emotionally to stand in the gap. To step into the fire.

It can't be done at some emotional distance.

Then the Lord said, "This is why I came to earth to live in your fire, to feel what you feel, to suffer with you and to carry all your pain, all your sorrow".

I got a glimpse of why as a carrier of the Spirit of God and the Spirit of God that carries me of what it really means when he carried our griefs and bore our sorrows.

So if the fires of life burn me too as it burns others I care about, that's Jesus manifesting himself.

Evenso,come Lord Jesus....

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Anonymous said...

I believe this is "laying down one's life for his brother/ sister", a much misunderstood scripture.