Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sometimes on Facebook

I'm new to facebook. I was pretty skeptical. But, it's a good place to be encouraged if you are careful who is or is not "Your Friend".

I am.

Here is just one hour's postings this morning. The word of the Lord is in this. I am thankful for the flow of his Spirit in this new Medium. This kind of thing happens every day.

I'm convinced the pure in heart shall see God. Purity + Passion = Revelation

burdened for the other 90% of the church that doesn't have a clue, doesn't know God and doesn't care to. Or perhaps I should say burdened for those who are sheltered from God by their leaders...Oh Lord that they know You and Your ways! I have been asking the Lord for a burden for the lost. But I have always had a burden for the "lost in church" People who don't know God intimately end up in my lap. I am good at leading people into a rededication and baptism of the Holy Spirit, but I have only had a small handful of conversions from people who admittedly did not know God.

There is coming a move of God that is going to sweep across our land. Miracles will take place that will stagger man and cause a Holy reverence to fall upon the people. Unusual manifestations of the Holy Ghost will cause men to fall upon their face and cry out to the maker of the universe! For the Lord Jesus Christ will be magnified above all and He will once again be lifted up and men will call upon His name.

I figure that's when His 2 x 4 anointing comes in lol... I ask for it often... I have lot's of duh moments..

Just heard the Spirit of the Lord say He is getting ready to explode in our lives...all those things you have been under pressure with have been necessary like a fuse is to dynamite...necessary like fire is necessary to like the fuse....whooo hooo...the fullness of God is coming & is nigh to our hearts and our lives..to experience it in ways we have longed for...get ready...do not be pessimistic..to him who believe.

when you let the monkeys run the jungle things get screwed up and the Lions get discouraged.

Sin takes away your tears, your ears, and your fears. You dull your emotional connection to the Lord. No longer connecting to God like you used to. Jesus seems boring if you were honest. You dull your sense of spiritual hearing! Preacher preaching and it goes in one ear and out the other. You dull your fear of the Lord! You no longer fear doing things you used to. Your heart becomes calloused and conscience seared!

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