Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Canyon Vision - A must read.....I endorse this vision


I saw many, many people running through a deep and dark canyon, left and right bordered with steep walls that looked insurmountable. It looked like that they were fleeing from what appeared to be a terrible calamity, or a powerful army chasing them. It seemed that they could
not take a lot of stuff with them. There was only one escape route: The stampede ahead. This image, that I conceived in my spirit became larger, stronger and ever more powerful. It appeared to me as if the entire world was trapped in this canyon. Every race on earth was there: mothers with children, young people and particularly many well dressed people in suits and ties, like they just had left the office. The weak, the older and handicapped were falling behind.
A lot of people gave up and were left behind. These were the ones blocking the passerby that pressed ahead. There were constant melees and tumults in the canyon. Some of the folks were
unscrupulous, trampling on others and killing others. Everyone was only looking out for themselves and cared only for himself. It was a horrific scene. Here it was that I prayerfully asked the Lord, Lord what is this?

And the Holy Spirit said to me: "These are the peoples of the world, they are all fleeing. There is no way out and hence they do everything to push ahead. They are stepping over dead bodies and compassion is no more,because seeking survival is what they all want."

I heard a voice from above, that said to me: "Tell it to your people and all listen to you. Tell it to the ones that believe in Me, that they should step aside, stop running at once and stay put at the wall, making way for the runners. That's how they will safeguard them. Let these desperate masses of people only pass you by. Let them run that run, you can not stop them.They know not that they are all running into disaster. They do not know what's ahead of them, what to expect and what it is that awaits them at the end of the canyon and that it is a dead end with no way out.
It is more horrendous, more vicious than that what they thought they were leaving. They all will end up in a mass grave.

I watched - as some of them that listened to me stopped running. They clinged to the wall and waited until all of that was over. I even cried out to the ones that ran by me: "Stop running, move aside.." However, most of these cries vanished in the melee. The desperation of the people was
tremendous. Nobody could stop these running masses. Everyone was trying to save its bare life - countless masses of people, thrusted by its panic.

Some of the "storming troops" even resented my intervening and yelled:"Don't stop these people!"

When finally everyone passed, I heard from the distance wailing, moaning and a flat roaring. Oh my god, what's that? I asked prayerfully.

I heard a voice, saying: "They have not listened to Me and followed their own feelings and the masses and they all fell into the abyss where there is no way out."

And God's spirit further said: "But you, my children, turn around and return back to the things that you were running away from. All of that was panic and sheer desperation. They have been created by rumors and lies and you have fallen for these traps. "

"But you, that trust in Me", says the Lord, "do not have to be afraid about nothing." Even in the most impossible situations will I be with you and be of help. You are my "blessed" ones.

I have called you by your name and you are mine. I have called you from out of these masses. You have listened to My voice and I am your caretaker and provider. I want only the best for you. You belong to Me and you are not supposed to become entangled by the panic making world.

Go back to your tasks and do what I have commanded you to do! Live like I told you to live. Talk about Myself and not about problems! Rest in Me and keep staying with Me and do not run away from your problems," says the Lord.

Yours Joh.W.Matutis
Letzte Aktualisierung ( Dienstag, 9. Juni 2009 )


Sir Lawrence said...

I just read this vision. It really ministered to me. At this point in my life I am a deacon in a small country church and myself & two other good men are on the pulpit committee. Our dear pastor of 27 years died suddenly last March 20. He was much loved & respected. We are endeavoring to find a new under-shepherd for our flock. But it seems to me that our Enemy is doing all he can to stop, confuse, or distract from what God wants to do. It is spiritual warfare in the rawest sense of the word. I know the feeling of 'panic'! I want to run myself at times! But I believe the Heavenly Father wants me to be steadfast at this moment. I have never done anything this hard in my life! But God is always good--and He is always right! Praise His name forever. This message was for me!

Gene said...

Brother Larry, I know what it's like.

I don't know where you are, or what you are looking for. But,

I know some good men of God who may live near you and may be able to help.

If you email me at and give me a bit more info I can help.


Anonymous said...

It's rather important to me, please could you let me know when ( what date) Joh saw this vision?
Does he mention this anywhere?

Gene said...

A question came in, WHEN did Pastor Jon recieve this vision.

I don't know for sure. It must have been in the last week or ten days. The notation on the bottom of it says June 9th. But with a word that means published or posted.

Sorry I Don't have more information.

Perhaps you can contact his church directly.

Neue Nazarethkirche (New Nazareth Church)
Pastor Dr. Joh.W.Matutis
D-13347 Berlin-Wedding, Leopoldplatz, Schulstr. 119
Postfach 65 06 65, D-13306 Berlin
0049 177 270 4385

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.