Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prophecy Explained

Sometimes people do not understand the Prophetic. They think it's something spooky. It's not.

If you stumble on the words, Prophecy or Prophetic, then insert one of these words instead.... You will find it to be useful and perhaps more clear.

  • Encouragement
  • Hope
  • Clarification
  • Confirmation
  • Correction (seldom)
  • Instruction (or direction but very seldom)

I hope that helps, it's not that hard, but the important part is, it's not teaching. It's not preaching. It's a word that comes from the Heart of God to the person who needs it. It's what God says.

Rhema Word

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Heart n Hands Inc. said...

My dear brother! Keep Encouraging, Bringing Hope, Clarification, Confirmation, Correcting, Instructing and Loving, those words and you are much needed in this world.