Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another Elisha Prophecy

There have been a lot of prophetic utterances regarding the relevance of Prophecy and this day we are moving thru.

Consider this by debra lowe:

Hear The Spirit Of The Lord;

Be still. Be still. Stop allowing this world system to dictate your thoughts and your movements. As you are quiet in My presence, you will begin to see what I am up to in your life. You will see what I Am requiring of you. Too much activity and not enough action. The enemy is trying to keep you busy in non-activity. Running, running, yet not covering enough territory. Do not run in fear or because of the lack of knowing! Wait, wait on Me. I Am the Way, and I will assist you in covering more and doing it with less of your energy spent. I need your mind to be leaned and set upon Me, not on the happenings that surround you. You must reign in the renegade thoughts that are damaging the soundness that I can keep you in, if you will meditate on Me and My Word. I want you to see the kind of man that you really are. Always you need to depend on My support. Give Me and Holy Spirit room to move and guide you. Soon even as 'times' get more difficult, those who have learned to wait and be still, will find that they are being preserved in their mind and heart. Men's hearts are failing them, literally, because of fear and the torment that comes from lack of knowing. Now is the time for My people to know that I Am faithful to My Word. I will uphold, preserve and sustain those who are still. You will rise up with wisdom and understanding and run with horses in the course that I have set for you. Out of what was meant for devastation shall arise prophets that are unashamed to proclaim My Word. Strong, bold and unafraid, under the mantle of Elisha. Detailed and precise as Isaiah. They will not care for their reputation, only Mine. My truth shall be their guideposts, at home, in the neighborhood and around the world, they will be constant.

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Anonymous said...

Praise God and His Word.

I heard this too.