Sunday, June 21, 2009

Healing will NEVER be perfect until we attain perfection - over there

I was contemplating the conversation being had in another blogworld regarding healing. I think that people don't understand it. They believe healing will be perfect. That whatever happens, whatever ailment exists that we will somehow be healed perfectly of the dis-ease, ailment or oppression of the devil.

I heard the Lord say this morning that it is a flawed theology that requires things to be so.

I can think of several situations scripturally where people were touched for healing by God and became better. Just not perfect.

Jacob walked with a limp. Lazarus died again. The man saw but he saw men as trees walking. Hezekiah was sick and got an extension but he eventually passed.

Now, the question I asked is, why isn't healing complete. The Lord said, it is, we are to contend for more, for completeness and we will get it --- ultimately.

But sometimes we must walk with somewhat of a limp. Still have a lump. Still hurt. But, much much better.

When I watched and was engrossed with Lakeland a year ago I saw people get better. Doing things they couldn't do. But still not perfect.

It is in our best interests to contend with the oppression of the Devil in sickness. We just should contend and expect God to do what he does better than we do now.

This is NOT a lack of faith, this is faith that God will complete it. We can stand on that.


Heart n Hands Inc. said...

Perhaps we "must" because we are of little faith. Or perhaps what you have seen is the beginning of a progressive work, that people did not understand, therefore "settled for where they currently were." I may not be where and what all I should be and called to be, but God help me to never settle for just "what is."

Unknown said...

This is good, Gene...... I believe I agree with you, and I am glad also you see that we should contend 'for more', in faith believing - I believe that, also; 'let us go on to perfection'...... yes.

Due to a recent family loss, I am understanding this below scrip. even more, when there will FINALLY be no more "pain".

"..God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away." Rev. 21:4

Even so, come Lord Jesus...

Anonymous said...

The flesh is already comdemned so it is only of value for a time since it is the temple for the Spirit.
But Jesus said, "Which is easier, to say be healed or your sins are forgiven?".
When we make healing proof of God's love for us rather than the gift of our Savior, we're bound to the misunderstanding of healing.