Monday, June 30, 2014

Weak Leaders are a set up for Jezebel



Anonymous said...

Kind of od poster really- jezebel is never shown not having been in a position of authority in scripture. not once amazing what man made doctrines create isn't it.

Anonymous said...

-Scripturally speaking jezebel was a woman in the old testament and a woman in the new. Ahab was a man in the new. millions of books about this subject but scripture never changes. Quote Jesus when a spirit is cast out it seeks six more wicked powerful and perverse than itself seeking to return.The original language Word for demon is not found in the ephesians 6 discourse. Quote dereck prince leonard ravenhill and kennteht hagin demons are just foot soldiers. Now going back to the Word we have no record anywhere of a demon affecting more than one person.. let alone having more power than satan himself by being is quite likely seeing as how so many teach these weird doctrines that do not bear out if scripture is kept in text and rightly divided will answer to God for the multitudes made to stumble because of them.