Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kim Clement on the Big E

For a decade I have been hearing about the Big E. 

Kim has an update. 

You be the judge... but I'm open to hear.

THE BIG E! Things are happening and unfolding regarding this revelation that was given to me years ago. Einstein.  Something new is coming forth!  On Codebreakers, you will hear prophetic secrets given in advance in 2005, 2006, and 2007, insight connected to the Big E, something that Einstein saw in his day, and a new source of energy that will profoundly bless your nation, your economy, and your generation.  These prophetic clues will help you unlock the mystery of the Big E, and enable you to recognize its emergence when it begins to appear.   This nation will tell the Middle East “you can take your oil and shove it”, because God has something new to reveal.  This is the time when the Kingdom is not only received, but is possessed. 

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Fallout said...

I hope this happens soon. There is no question that there are energy sources that have yet to be discovered.
But, in December 2010 he said this about Ford Motor Co:
"Some of you listened to me when I spoke about the Ford stock. It went from $ 1 something, now it's almost $18. Here's a little secret that I'll share with you, give you guys the first insight. Something will happen with America and Japan and as a result of it, in a good thing, and there will be an increase in Ford to such a degree that it will go to $28."
KC recently prophesized that the DOW will hit 20,000. That seems likely...will it crash soon after?