Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wearying God

I get email greetings from Africa, Pakistan and India all the time from people who never participate in online discussions, from people I don't know at any level, from people who are needy. They don't want a relationship, they want other things: Financial Support, A word (which I am always happy to give if they ask without the appended money plea), impossible requests (send us all your shoes) or the ubiquitous come and be part of our crusade (or reports about their crusades they are having). I am in favor of having these relationships if they are NOT one sided.

From these communications I begin to understand how we can weary God with our one sided prayer. When we simply say every day. Hi God. Bless me. We are not in relationship with Him. We are still an outlier. Time to come into the inner court, tell Him how much He means to you, tell Him of His Greatness and His Glory. Thank Him again and again for all HE IS and all you have in HIM.. Pour your heart out to Him in revelation of your love for Him. That's relationship.

Everything else just wears ... 

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