Sunday, June 8, 2014

Truths from Jonathan Welton

 The devil is not a creative being; he operates his kingdom by masquerading as light.

  It will take a generation of brave pastors to reestablish the supernatural as natural for Christians.

 If the Church was walking in the supernatural like Jesus did (and like He told us to), there would be no New Age movement.

 The existence of counterfeit spiritual power is not reason to shun all spiritual power altogether. Rather, the best response is to pursue the authentic while being aware of the deceptive counterfeit.

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Anonymous said...

apostolic teaching. 99. 9 percent of pastors don't get this is an article well worth reading. Though he traveled with dereck prince it seems he has done his homework in this article although by his own testimony it should have been done and presented in the 70's. Until the ministries come under the government of the Holy Spirit and what hundreds of scriptures reveal in Gods place and usage of them. well don't expect much different on a large scale other than the variables of what scripture reveals and of course the coming judgment of Jesus as He spoke in Mathew leaving only a people without spot or blemish in His sight.