Saturday, June 28, 2014

When Seasons Change -- things fall off

It has been an unusual year in our part of the country.  Very cold winter.  We lost a lot of trees and shrubs.  Many things died.  Fell to the ground.  Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust.

Then spring came.  It was magnificent.  Flowers, leaves, bloom, glory.  It was wonderful.. but short and now most of those flowers have fallen.  They no longer provide the glory they once did. The leaves are still there, but the rose has lost it's petals.

Summer is here.  It's hot.  Dry.  Testing. Sometimes tormenting.  Almost more than one can bear sometimes.  OH, we air condition our places (when it works) but we suffer thru.

Soon will come Autumn.  Fall.  It's called fall because things fall off.  I'm not sure about that.. but it makes sense.

Life in the Spirit is like that.  There are cold times, then spring, then the heat and dry of summer and the fall. 

Things that motivated us once, things that were part of our desire to be part of sometimes fall away off our radar.  It's not that we are unwilling.. but we have seen the bloom depart from the rose.  It's not disillusionment.  It's seasonal change.

You can't perpetuate spring.  Even in the tropics.. there are seasons.

Don't be obsessed with the change, the loss, the new, the old.  It's part of a cycle that has been going on forever.  Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.  

When certain things, people, assignments, ministries, placements, relationships fall off.. it's preparation for the next season.  A too soon autumn is called an early frost and kills.

Everything in it's season

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