Sunday, June 22, 2014

IS the Bible Really Alive?

People without the fullness of the Spirit make a huge mistake.  They think the Bible is a Book.  A library of books actually.  History.  Prophecy.  Wisdom.  Poetry.  All good but nearly every atheist, pagan and nominal "christian" I know has during their lifetime read the Bible in whole or part.  Yet unconverted.

When a person of the BOOK tries to encounter someone using the BOOK as evidence for why they need to come to Jesus... it fails.  Not all the time, sometimes if they are lucky if the Holy Spirit has prepared them.. it can happen.

You must be fully intimate with the God who is alive in the Book for your life to be a Witness.

If you have been a christian for a while and then have an encounter with the Holy that results in the fullness of the Spirit with all the Biblical manifestations one thing almost everyone who does will say is, "The Bible Came Alive For Me".   Suddenly that dusty old book became a living thing in your hands.  

I can testify to that, and I'll bet a lot of my readers can as well.  Something happens when the Spirit of the Living God takes up residence in you. 

Without that it's simply a good book.  The good book.  Revered and ignored.

We are designed to be HIS witnesses. We cannot do that with information alone, but by the manifested life in the Spirit we demonstrate to the world.   Once people see and hear.. (not our preaching) they will ask.."What does this mean?",  

The word of God is LIVING.  Organic.  Real.  When we treat is simply as something to study (I'm not a big fan of thru the Bible in a year) we shortchange ourselves.  Consider what the intimacy in relationship to the Living God in revelation of Himself by the word of God, Written, Spoken, Prophesied, Preached means we hunger for more.  When I first met Peggy..  I couldn't get enough (still can't).  Want to be with her all the time.  Want to know her. When I find something about her new.. I dig deep.  Love does that.  Intimacy demands it. 

The same is true in the Word of God.  Knowing the book doesn't mean you know the author. Unbelievers around the world can teach the nuance of the book better than you can.  Show forth the Glory of GOD in your life.  But only if it alive for you.. it will expose you to the world for who you are and your desire will be fulfilled.

For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.  Hebrews 4:12

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Anonymous said...

I suppose this may be one of the top three problems in the world. Jesus Christ the Word made flesh. Who sent His Spirit to teach and reveal His instruction rhema and logos relationship and not religion..Kathryn Kuhlman and leonard ravenhill both commented they where amazed that so many bible students and ministers did not know that. End assessment it is not enough to be born again and know about Him but Jesus said eternal life is to Know Him....

Many will be taken by surprise on judgment day for the Word and the Spirit of the Lord where never meant to be separate from one another as the wonderful Holy Spirit was always to be involved. It saddens me both for the saints and the professing ministers who sought to find eternal life in the Word but would not come to Him for the letter kills but the Spirit gives life...and God jealously yearns that His Spirit be welcomed. The warnings in the bible about neglecting refusing and ignoring Him are fearful for believers and ministers....