Tuesday, July 1, 2014

False Hope Can KILL YOU - have hope in GOD

We all hope in something.  Most people will say "I hope in God".. yet in truth if you scratched the surface you will find they place their hope in things that only have the potential to destroy them.  False hope.

Here are some things that people HOPE in that can KILL:

Hope in a Man or Woman over God.  A husband, boyfriend or wife or girlfriend can lead you into things if your moral compass is broken.  And it will harm you.

Hope in politicians or political systems.  I only need to look at Nazi Germany to see how trust in a man can kill.  The same is true in the USA.  IF you trust the wrong people it will kill you.

Think of the false hope the Bernie Madoff victims were given or the people who invested in the Baptist Ponzi Scheme some years ago.  Some of those people committed suicide after the fall.

Then there are those who are convinced there is a rapture, an exit strategy in place.  That somehow the difficulties they face will soon be gone.  It's a great hope, sometimes called the blessed hope.. but it's not blessed... it's a trap set to kill the destiny for the kingdom God invested in you.. and in some cases can actually kill you if you are not wise towards this.  Our hope is in the glory of God appearing in our lives.  That happens without an end.  Hoping in God.

Then there are the insidious traps, deceitfulness of riches, voluntary suicide of hope.   These are most damaging.  A person puts all their hope in a scheme or a strategy and when it fails comes to despair and many times kills themselves. Once hope has died as it will if it's wrongfully placed, ending our own lives isn't far off.  Elliot Rogers who killed several people a few weeks ago was obsessed with winning the lottery.  He was angry he had not won.  False hope killed him. Right now there is an insane scheme over currency revaluation.  The Dinar.  Hundreds of thousands of people are invested in this and have hope for millions.  They have been duped mostly by the ignorance they have of economics. Ignorance can kill and does.  This will all come to a sad predictable conclusion.  The self imposed group deception will unravel.  I am concerned because many of the people who have their hope in this will find the blow so painful they will kill themselves.

We must fight against self deception and against the deception from others. 

The Devil uses people to steal kill and destroy and it starts with being deceived.  He wants to KILL any GENUINE hope you possess. 

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