Thursday, July 3, 2014

Send these Doctrines to the Dustbin

In Charisma Magazine Lee Grady posts some doctrines in his editorial that the Charismatic Church has allowed to persist that have no place today.  The best and brightest among Senior leaders reject these... but there is a subculture that embraces them.  I list them below with my comments:

Touch not my anointed. 
While the principle is sound, we need to be careful in criticism of those God has called and uses... this doctrine has been used to protect some of the most egregious violators of God's law.  It was invoked as Eddie Long was exposed.  Be careful.  The verse where this appears does not speak to what we think it does.

Dual Covenant.  
I have been guilty of falling for this.  That the Jews have a special place with God and don't really need Jesus to be saved. I do believe that God is a covenant keeper... and Jesus is the fulfillment of that.. yet... there is a temptation to buy into all this.

Inaccessible Leadership.
This began with the big ministries.  Keep away from people.  Don't even participate in worship. Just pop out and preach and then go back in the zip lock bag.  The anointing is too precious.   Fortunately this is being discounted.  Leaders need to be accessible.  There is a parallel, don't get too close to your members.  Too familiar.  I guess Jesus practiced this... DID HE??

Armor Bearers. 
This is a crazy thing that kind of goes along with the one above.  IF you are too weak and inept to carry your own Bible.. you don't belong on the platform.  Then there is the ubiquitous glass of something with a rag over it.   Some even have food tasters.  This is beyond the pale.  Stop the insanity.

Hundred Fold Return and Money Cometh.  
I almost hate to bring this one up but it has become a black mark on what should be a pure Bride.  I believe in prosperity, I teach it. But the manipulation of the flock by preachers of this has damaged, discouraged and destroyed more Christians than the devil could by all his schemes.  When I see people rushing forward to throw money at the feet of one of these pirates I want to yell stop.  To be clear, if a man or woman is preaching a good word, I will.  But the blatant promises of give and you shall get are lies of the enemy.  Getting comes from generosity and righteousness which are closely linked.  Not throwing money at someone preaching a hundredfold money cometh with a thousand dollar suit on his back.  Stay under the blessing and prayers of a Godly man, apprehend the power of that blessing and God will provide.  This teaching is a demonic Ponzi scheme. 

Let's take these inane ideas and throw them in the dustbin where they belong.

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Preach it man preach it. that's sermon worthy for sure ! :) !