Friday, July 4, 2014

Prophetic Reality Check

Ten years ago this month no one even heard of Barack Obama.  No one knew who he was. He was some obscure state senator.  Then all at once he makes a speech at the Democrat Convention on July 27, 2004.  I heard it.  I wasn't impressed.  I heard Al Sharpton speak at the same convention and WAS impressed with him.  I have wondered, how did this happen? From zero to hero in 4 years such that he won the presidency in 2008. 

We are living under the administration of that president that is now the least popular since World War II. A full one-third of those polled by Quinnipiac rate Barack Obama the worst president since 1945. (Reagan is rated the best.)

He acts in the most partisan and deceitful manner, surrounding himself with a tiny group of yes-women and men, making a mockery of his self-proclaimed transparency, shamelessly exploiting interest groups in a way that could only divide our society while diminishing America’s place in the world, and allowing evil forces to grow across the globe.

All of this while being convinced he is always doing the right thing. The rest of us are wrong. He is not the Commander-in-Chief. He is the Moral Narcissist in Chief. It’s not “I think, therefore I am.” It’s “I believe – therefore it is.”

I am no conspiracy theorist but on this day when we ponder our freedom every prophetic bone in my body (as in shut up in my bones) says something is not right here.

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lafayetteangel said...

"prophetic bone in my body (as in shut up in my bones) says something is not right here."

It isn't right. Sometimes it seems down right evil.