Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Unveiling

The news we hear and see is disturbing, even to the people of God. What about all those great prophecies we have heard over so many years? What is disturbing so many people right now, particularly the prophets, is what God is doing. He is ripping the veil from the earth.  You can read about it in Isaiah 25:1-12.   You need to read the whole thing and ponder what it means

There he will remove the cloud of gloom, the shadow of death that hangs over the earth.  NLT v7

And He will destroy on this mountain
The surface of the covering cast over all people,
And the veil that is spread over all nations.  NKJV v7

A ripping causes discomfort.  It causes even prophets to doubt what they have said and heard.

It is uncomfortable.  When you read the whole of this prophecy you see how it applies to this day.

What you see all around you is evil being unveiled.
  • Islam being revealed for what it is.  Evil
  • Evil forces in government being exposed.
  • Evil in the administration of the USA stripped naked
  • Evil among those who claim they cry for peace
  • Evil from those who have deceived many in social policy (homosex marriage and legal drugs)
  • Evil being exposed in big business.  
  • Evil exposed in states and cities
  • Evil in all politics being shown for what it is
  • Evil in religious circles
  • Evil in news that is propaganda
  • Evil in entertainment (Movies, books and TV) (I remember the scandal Lady Chatterley's lover was 50 years ago) Mild compared to today.
  • Evil in education, public education as child abuse is become legendary.
  • Evil in police force corruption and abuse
  • Evil in all the mountains of man - remember it is about the mountain in Verse 7
And He will destroy on this mountain
The surface of the covering cast over all people,

It makes us uncomfortable when God rips away the veil.  When everything we thought might be OK is being exposed.

The light of the truth of God is beyond comprehension and there is no hiding place.

Yet, prophets and people of God should welcome this.  Should be happy that things are being shown up for what they really are.   Yet we love the darkness.  Makes us feel better.  Maybe a little superior?

Here's a true prophetic word.  God will tear down, uncover and destroy every high thing that has risen up against the knowledge of God.  Evil is that.

When he does some of the altars in our own homes will be exposed. Some of our comforts will be shown for what they are.

The unveiling is universal.  God is not selective, exposing satan yet allowing the saints to cheat by a bit.

So if your discomfort is great, it's not unusual.  What IS being exposed are the false prophets who have been prophesying this or that great thing. Great prosperity. Great moves of revival without repentance.  They too are being exposed. And it causes us discomfort.  Who do you trust?

I give you the words of God, "There is nothing I will not bring to the light, for my Bride will not be ashamed.  Consider it all JOY as I do.  For this is my will concerning YOU".

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