Monday, August 4, 2014

I have changed my view on ministering to the imprisoned and the homeless

 I have done both a great deal. Our problem as ministers is, we think the fruit of our efforts is to change (save and rescue) those to whom we minister. To get the homeless off the street and back into productive society or to get the one trapped in the revolving door of prison out for good and in a healthy life. 

No. I no longer believe we can operate in that expectation. In both ministries measuring "Success" by transformation will frustrate and discourage us. We must understand that the ability to escape the trap they find themselves in is not our job. We must offer them hope, prophesy good over them, build them up in the word of God as best we can, give them a script of good music to compete with the junk they will otherwise hear and be a listening ear. If that doesn't open the door by the Holy Spirit nothing including our best fleshly efforts will. Feeding and clothing the poor should be a small part of what we do.

So minister to both groups without unrealistic expectations. You do what you can. Don't enable. Don't be easy. Love but with boundaries.

If you do this without trying to hobble yourself with impossible measurements you will be doing the work of God. Let the Holy Spirit do HIS work.. and you ain't Him.

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