Thursday, August 7, 2014

Peace in the Valley

Sometimes there are storms that sweep across the landscape.  The higher up the mountain you are, the stronger the winds.  Mountaintops are wonderful for the view and the fresh air, but the greater altitude will make you more vulnerable to strong headwinds you never knew existed when you were in the valley.

Some valley experiences, those low times, are to give you rest, respite and restoration of your peace.  You were meant to soar, to reach the heights, to climb, to go as high as you can go..

Yet when you are in a valley, even a high valley, it's a place for rethinking, resetting, becoming what you were meant to become.

Climb every mountain the song says.. yet there is Peace in the Valley.. just don't stay there forever.

From a man who just had a valley experience, but now is looking at the mountain again.. give me that mountain.

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Selah. TYJ!