Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Dynamic Duo... Force Shield of Prayer and Prophetic Preaching

If you watch much Sci Fi you will soon come across the implementation of some kind of force field.  It's universal.  An easy device.  We all wish we had a force field.  We do.. but we don't use it.

Yet today we have a situation where the enemy is shooting darts and winning. Fear, Anarchy, Lawlessness, Cultural Collapse and Evil victorious.

The first response for many Christians is prayer.  That's good but the Father reminds us that WE are a part of the answer to every prayer we pray.  Prayer without action is useless. 

The enemy knows this and uses prophetic preaching to activate evil action among his followers.  The glib motivating words of misleaders has led us to this point.  To get us out of this mess will require that the true called and anointed of God speak boldly and prophetically to the people of God.

Most will not.  It would mean a loss of members. It would mean a loss of income. It would mean cultural discrediting.  You would be called all kinds of names.. in front of your face and behind your back. 

There is no law against calling evil EVIL and good GOOD. None.  Yet we allow the enemy to constantly call good evil and evil good and not say a word.

Pray but take action.   That will require you to speak boldly. Speak without consideration of the consequence.  Soft and couched words have no power even if you pray 24 hours a day.

Start speaking up, you are the called force field.  Prayer support will be there as you do.  One without the other is useless and worthless.


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