Thursday, August 14, 2014

Marks of a true prophet

I spend a lot of time among people who are prophets, prophetic and the company of prophets. I give grace to those still developing (including me). I will forgive presumption. I will not overlook trying to sell the free gift of grace God gave you. In truth of the hundreds of "prophets" I know, many personally, there are very very few who in my discernment are genuinely in the office of Prophet. I could name a few... but it's a pretty short list. Most are pretenders who use prophetic jargon to maintain their place on ministry platform.

This is not criticism, it has always been this way. You only need to read the Bible in the first 39 books. Lots of house prophets, court prophets, prophets for money, prophets who didn't have a clue. Jeremiah seemed to live there. I will not say anything, but if I don't come to your big prophetic conference, don't hate me.. I will when some real prophets show up.

A few clues that a real prophet is among you: A prophet prophesies.. not telling you your SS number nor what you had for breakfast, he/she will speak to you destiny, your worth, your purpose, your value, your challenges, answer your questions. If he/she is legit, it will be a bit disturbing. It shouldn't always just reinforce what you already know. The idea that a prophet always has to be an encouragement is wrong. 

He/she must also be able to confront, sometimes directly, sometimes obscurely. You won't forget what a prophet says. It's not a teaching, it's seeing things as God sees them. He speaks from the throne. The prophet is simply a messenger. A carrier pigeon. 

When I see some prophet taking 3 offerings from a place where people can't afford it something is wrong. I won't name them, but there are some alleged prophets who are abusive. It's not my place to call them out UNLESS they are damaging to the Sheep. 

God cares more about his sheep than his shepherds. He will take out, expose, dethrone, defrock or even destroy the shepherd (including prophets) who damage the people of God. A powerful meeting may not mean a prophet was among you It might mean that he/she knows how to put on a powerful meeting. 

Most of the time the REAL prophets are seldom invited to bring a word... it strikes fear in the hearts of leaders. I have had more than ONE senior pastor say to me, "You scare the hell out of me". That makes me know I am on track. I should scare HELL out of them and Heaven into them. That's the call of the prophet.. to be a troubler of Israel.. and then point out to the Ahab of the house that HE is the real trouble. (and so is his wife Jezebel) Hope that helps.

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Anonymous said...

I think after many years of study. that's a good description. I do not think their are many real or faithful to God anyway. It seems between the enemy trying to kill them and ministers trying to control or reject them of the few real ones left many are fighting for their very existence.