Monday, July 14, 2014

Profane Worship = Worship Pornography

I love pure worship. Prophetic Worship. Worship that allows me to touch the heavens. Worship that is clean.

The definition of Profane is "to treat something sacred with irreverence, as common".

Sometimes when I am in a church service or worship meeting where the worship is spiritually mundane I am grieved in my spirit.. the Spirit of God in me grieves. It's not about skill. It's not about ability. It's not about talent. It's about the heart.

If a talented pagan (you make your own choice who) were to do a stirring rendition of How Great Thou Art... but with only skill, you would know.

We have developed a worship culture of talented people on the platform "Doing" worship sets.

I'm old school. I remember what it was when 300 men stood and sang "Stand up Oh men of God"... true worship. When at a funeral, "Faith of my Fathers" was sang.. and it brought tears. When Holy Holy Holy (casting down our golden crowns) was sun by Matthew Ward and Second Chapter of Acts... and I fell to my knees. When at a conference in Kansas City "Here I am to worship" was sung and the refrain "I'll never know how much is cost" was repeated till everyone came to grips with how much it really cost.

Some of that was in Todd Beery's living room on a Monday Night. Some at Faith Center in Rockford a decade ago. When things really mattered.

I'll confess. Maybe it's me. I don't need my ears tickled any more.

I know anointed worship when I see it. When a man or woman of God enters into the Holy of Holies and makes the connection. When worship is real. I have worshiped with people who could barely play and sing but who's heart was pure towards God. The heaven's opened. I have also been in places when the band was tight, solid, gifted, able and flat as a pancake spiritually. Oh people were excited.. but it was nothing. In fact it was worse than nothing.

When that happens it is not just profaning the holiness of worship, it is Christian Worship Pornography. God is about to Judge This. IF you don't know God like that.. get off the platform. We don't need another dog and pony show.

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Anonymous said...

...but does everything touch everyone the same way? Nope. What touches you (or for a better Word, reaches)you might not touch another the same way. Worship isn't about music. You know that. It's all about the heart, and the response we give BACK from the TRUE presence of God. Is worship (and I believe you're limiting it to the content of what happens on a Sunday morning) bad if YOU aren't touched, but maybe one other is? Go with an attitude of gratitude. Remember-your attitude is the aroma of your heart. If you're attitude stinks, it means your heart isn't right. Praying you find TRUE worship.