Sunday, August 4, 2013

Your Position is your Destiny

Position is a used word in many contexts.

To take a position is to become employed doing something you have competence in for a company

To position ones self is to put yourself in place for a coming circumstance.

Positioning is a marketing term for creating a place in the retail environment

People Jockey for Position, in racing, in life.  Poll position is the place people fight for.  They get it by beating everyone else in time trials.  Watch NASCAR... You will see the ultimate meritocracy.

That's also true in college sports.  To play a position is an assignment we recognize is based on merit.

You don't get to play a position in any ball game unless you have earned it.

We have a position in Christ Jesus. 
For he raised us from the dead along with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ Jesus.  Ephesians 2:6

Pretty Lofty.  And there will come a day when we will be positioned in eternity.  That part of our destiny in Christ is sealed by Holy Spirit. 

Yet, there is a position that God wants you to have that is on this side of the Veil.  He has prepared a position for us that we have the choice to take or not.  It's somewhat like a loving father who also happens to be the coach of the football team who wants his son to play quarterback.  He talks to the boy from the time he is born that this is his destiny was quarterback of the team.  The boy says, YES to dad, but decides to skip practice, never works out, doesn't learn plays, never learns to throw the ball and doesn't like to be hit.  Dad really wants his boy to be quarterback, but the boy never prepares himself for the position.  Dad can't for the good of the team and his word put the boy in the position as quarterback.  So when the time comes, the boy assumes the position is his, but it's not.  He didn't prepare himself for what his destiny was supposed to be.  The boy watched football on TV, went to ball games, read all the papers and books having to do with football and knew much about football... theoretically than anyone on the team. He simply had no skills. 

His destiny was lost by his lack of preparedness and skill development to take his position.

Position is created and help by ability, skill, applied knowledge.   If you desire to take a position as a plumber you better KNOW how to connect pipes and all the other things or you won't be in that position.

Your destiny in this life on this side of the veil is fully dependant on your ability.

You know who fills those positions in your life. If I ask who it is you want to repair your car, be your dentist, lawyer, paint your house, fix your plumbing, repair your electric problems, help you with your computer problems or anything you need done, you don't ask who KNOWS about these things, you ask, who can DO something to fix the problem.  That is position.

So, if you would desire position, have something that is a unique factor for you in your circles. IF they want this or that done, you are the GO TO for that issue.  That is position.

What position is your destiny?  What place has God saved for you?  Will you prepare, not just study, but do until you become known as the go to for the destiny position ordained from the foundations of the earth.

That is your position.  That is your destiny..  The Boy Scouts have a saying... BE PREPARED.

That's still good advice.

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The Parable of the Two Sons
28“What do you think? There was a man who had two sons. He went to the first and said, ‘Son, go and work today in the vineyard.’
29“ ‘I will not,’ he answered, but later he changed his mind and went.
30“Then the father went to the other son and said the same thing. He answered, ‘I will, sir,’ but he did not go.
31“Which of the two did what his father wanted?”
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