Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fear of the Prophet is Harming Ministries

I am privileged to walk among some exceptional prophets of God.  I am astounded by their insight and God given wisdom.  I am stirred by the capacity to hear from and speak the very oracles of God as from the throne.

It is a wonderful thing when it happens.  Freeing.  Stirring.  Releasing.  Encouraging.  Challenging.

Yet, more often than not I hear this from Senior Leaders of Churches and Ministries when they become aware of a prophet.

  • If you were in my Church you would scare me
  • I bring the word of the Lord for this church
  • We have a prophet (usually someone on the payroll as a court prophet)
  • Everyone in our church is able to hear from the Lord for themselves.  (this is a cop out)
  • David encouraged himself in the Lord so a prophet isn't needed
  • We had a prophet at one time but..... (this or that disaster reported)
  • We aren't ready for a prophet in our church
  • Prophets are dangerous

What they are really saying is I am so lacking in confidence about my ability to be a senior leader, anyone else would be a threat and I can't handle that.

IF you are a prophet you have heard all this and more.  I don't worry about it.  I am not seeking to displace anyone, I am seeking to be an encouragement that comes directly from the Father.  It's a gift wrapped up in human flesh.  Always a distraction.

When a senior leader is as fearful as these comments are they will ask me what I want.  I always tell them the same thing.  I'm not seeking a church, I am seeking a place of ministry.  God didn't equip and gift me to keep a pew warm.

What is most interesting are those very competent bold men of authority who I have been privileged to spend time with and prophesy to (many of whom will read this) the more willing and ready they are to have a prophet in the house.

It's inversely proportional.  The greater the authority and anointing the more ready to hear the word of the Lord, the weaker they are, the less they will hear.

The truth is, if they would embrace the prophets and the prophetic in their midst it would make their church and ministry stronger.  People would begin to see hope and a future.  The heart of God revealed towards them would make them stronger.

Fear of the Prophet and the Prophetic is Paralysis.

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Anonymous said...

•We have a prophet (usually someone on the payroll as a court prophet)I am intrigued tell me more. I haven't ran into the payroll prophet in a church. Except one and that one did bear the mantle. oddly officed in the same as the pastor working together. I mean no disrespect but I have seen this once in decades. What of your experience with the payroll court prophet. I may have need of this knowledge on down the road.TESTIFY BROTHER if you would. traits dilemas traps exct.