Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hebrew Year 5774

Rosh Hashana Sep 5-6, 2013 The Jewish New Year 

Yom Kippur Sep 14, 2013 Day of Atonement 

Sukkot Sep 19-20, 2013 Sep 21-25, 2013 Feast of Tabernacles 

Chanukah Nov 28-Dec 5, 2013 the Festival of Lights 

Pesach Apr 15-16, 2014 Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread

Shavuot Jun 4-5, 2014 Festival of Weeks PENTECOST


Anonymous said...

Gene I have a question. I was laid off and I would keep a notebook spend time with God as I would go for a drive. several years ago, as I was driving down the road I heard tell my people not to mix jewish religion and tradition with Christianity the two don't mix. I wrote it down and found it hilarious. Who was I going to tell ? I laughed as I said to a relative the previos part of what I wrote. several months later I called to ask the pastor a question. I ask how he was doing. He said well you above all would appreciate a very interesting appointment I just had. A jewish rabbi made an appointment with me it was very interesting He went through some scriptures with me and told me the Sabbath was actually Saturday. I'm thinking of changing services what do you think.I said several months ago as I was driving down the road I heard tell my people not to mix jewish traditions with Christianity they don't mix. I told him I laughed who was I going to tell it's wrote down around here somewhere. The question is although the law is good if used lawfully if we aren't under it. What is the significance of the jewish festivals and seasons and is it right for Christians to watch the stars and interpet times and seasons as I just saw mac Hammonds post talking about lunar cycles the bloodmoon and eclipse coming up. Sir I don't understand the numerology. I don't understand Christian leaders who are bringing info from rabbis who are not Christians into their teachings I am al ittle uneasy and quite frankly disturbed inside. Can you guve me some input as I know if we go back under just one law intentionally or not and break anyone of the laws new testament states we will be guilty of all. This disturbes me on the inside help !

Anonymous said...

You do sound confused. And your pastor is not helping you as he seems to be easily influenced by teachings and not walking out newness of life in Christ. We Gentiles have been set free and born again into Christ Jesus. We aren't subject to the Law of Moses. It serves to show us sin and help us to be righteous in our living. There is no condemnation for us in Christ Jesus. All of the feasts and sabbaths in Jewish tradition foreshadow Christ and His reign and studying them gives us an amazing insight into the person of Jesus and Father God.
We are called to live and walk in the Spirit united to Him and One with Him. Think of the sabbath this way in reality if you were injured on the sabbath and needed medical attention would you not appreciate that some nurses doctors and ambulance paramedics work on that day and can save your life. Jesus loves us and we have His righteousness not our own which gives us entry into the Kingdom of God and relationship with God. Jesus is not condemning anyone for working on a perceived sabbath. Everyday with Jesus in continual fellowship under the law of life and liberty in Christ is our new life. Live in the freedom that Jesus won for us and read the Word it's all there. The voice was right you can't mix Christian and Jewish traditions. But you can appreciate the reason for both and find freedom and spiritual renewal in your current walk with Jesus and get strong in the Lord and not easily influenced by those who seek to pull people back into the Law and it's judgement and curses. I don't live under that which has been annulled. I live in an amazing covenant of the shed blood of Jesus Christ and by His Word and His Spirit of truth in me. I encourage you to do the same. He loves you and wants you to know the truth so you can be free.

Tina said...

Last week I was typesetting a small almanac. I had already completed (but not printed) the header, with the traditional "for the Year of our Lord 2014"), when I saw your post. The Hebrew year is Anno Mundi - "from the creation of the world". I went back and added in that phrase with the Jewish year for my little almanac.

Little ways to put facts in front of people so that they learn they CAN question - in this case, the need for legitimate questioning of archeological/geological dating systems, none of which provide legitimate scientific accuracy past a few thousand years.

It is a small thing, but perhaps one of the many ways the LORD lets us help Him lay paths for others to follow. So thank you for posting the Hebrew calendar for the upcoming year!