Monday, August 12, 2013

We are NOW engaged in a great Civil War...cold at present

Sometimes I get a download Prophetically that all at once makes things much more clear.  Where it all makes sense.  Where the fog rolls away?  When I get a big one, it takes a few days to process.  I got one this weekend.  Contemplating the Gettysburg address.  This line:

"Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation, so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure".

I heard the Lord say, "You are in a Civil War, this time it is a cold Civil War.  People still die, there are still casualties, but it is a war.  It is still a cold war, it will for a short time become a HOT war"....

Enduring is the goal. Coming out whole as a nation.  The methods of our warfare in the past, using the ballot box to effect change nationally is lost.  The electorate who is more informed about Justin Bieber, Beyonce and the birth of a British Heir than recognizing the death of a nation and the consequence of it all, has been conquered in their minds and spirits.  They will vote for the next Justin Bieber candidate who comes along.  As they did in the last two elections.  The uninformed electorate will foolishly vote for the manufactured deceptions presented them.  The ballot box no longer works.

THEN I heard the Lord Say, "The battle in the civil war in not only national, but personal.  You are in a civil war, a cold civil war, but a war that must go hot in yourself.  The strongholds of beliefs you treasure, the deceptions that distract, the distractions that deceive, the fleshly desires that war against your spirit are the opponents in your personal civil war.  You cannot win this war and allow one side to live.  Either your flesh will win and your spirit will die, or your spirit will have victory in MY spirit and put to death the works of the flesh".

That's when the light went on for me.  The weapons of our warfare that we have always been taught are not carnal by the word of God are the weapons we must engage.  The weapons we must use to win both civil wars are Mighty and pull down strongholds.  But they are not the weapons we try to use.  They will fail.  They are ineffective.

Now we are up against powers and principalities. The lessons from the American Civil War and the Cold War against Communism and the Soviet Union that I recall so well can inform and instruct us how we can be much more effective in the Great Civil War that we are engaged in RIGHT NOW.

First we must be certain that the Belt of Truth is firmly cinched around our waist.

I will write more on this. These large volume downloads are often larger than we recognize.


Anonymous said...

Well I believe you. The serious implications of it are tremendous for both the believers that lose or refuse and all those that will be effected. As the peril after conversion is such stated in the parable of the heart the warning in romans and Hebrews until jude just comes right out and says some may be saved with fear. Talking about those who believed. I say this with fearful reverence what can be done. I have met many ministers talented gifted not to much pleased on offices other than theirs. Many do not understand or by their own admission will not preach these things. One said well the reason they aren't taught in America is it will bring accountability. But my question is can any tree bear fruit that refuse to eat and drink.If God designated eccl 3 as the manner for creation to flow can any one refuse to grow into a Son led of the Spirit without eventually denying God. I often wonder not to sound bleak how many leaders of the church in this nation actually resemble saul in partial obedience and fleshly works. What a dread it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God. When one as not purposed to will and do His will and purpose just knowing about God and not knowing Him and then to sit in churches with lack of knowledge void of repentance and refusing to grow whule being made comfortable in religion works and heresies- treating the bible like a menu. It is written to whom much is given much is expected if not used it will be taken away. Paul said he declared in acts that he did not fail to declare the whole council of Gods Word His hands shall be Blood free. So many ministers will have Blood on their hands in America if things don't change. We may have the most accountable ministers in the world as we are free to meet study and pray. Yet so few would meet biblical scriptures qualifying as Sons led and Disciples with signs following. Tragedy has struck the eternal cost is astounding GOD must judge His people.

Fallout said...

Gene, you (by the Spirit) have turned on a light bulb in my mind by calling what is going on in this nation as a “cold Civil War.” The conflicts going on in the nation are so basic and have become so intense that it has become a cold civil war.