Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Garris Elkins: "You Are Qualified for the Impossible"

This week as I prayed about a coming new season in my own life, I began to hear the Lord say that an "old season had passed and a new season has come." In the days that followed, I knew the word I had received was not just for me – it was for the Church.
In this coming new season God will remind many of us that we are qualified to accomplish Kingdom exploits the world considers impossible. In this coming season – all things will be possible.
In that time of prayer, the Lord began to download the following word. When I shared this word, leaders in the United States and Europe contacted me and confirmed the now-nature of what you are about to read.
Prophetic Word: Supernatural Exploits in My Kingdom
"I am calling you to exploits in My Kingdom that are beyond human qualification and religious pedigree. I am calling you to places of raw faith where your first step will seem to be without reason or explanation.
"These exploits are not sourced in a power that comes from what you will bring to the encounter. These are works of My presence that I will invite you to come and experience. They are encounters made manifest apart from human qualification, strength or ability.

"Did Paul's education qualify him for what I had planned for his life after Damascus Road? Was Moses qualified as a leader when he stood before the burning bush? Was David qualified as a king when he ran towards Goliath in the Valley of Elah? Was Peter qualified as an apostle to My Church when I restored him on the shores of Galilee and said, 'Feed My sheep?' No, none of these servants stood before Me with the qualifications of man. I used them because of their faith in Me.
"These new exploits have their launching point far beyond human understanding and far beyond the resources you think you will need to gather before you obey My voice.
"Around your step of faith I will assemble all you need to accomplish in what I will set before you. Resources that are now hidden will appear in the light of your faith. I will ask you to step through the warnings of man and the fear that has limited My people in this past season.
"This is a new day that I have made and its fullness and joy is waiting for you to believe that what I have declared will be possible.
"I am the One – it is My voice speaking and inviting you to these exploits. Have confidence that I have created you to do what is about to take place upon the earth.
"I am calling you to stand before these supernatural exploits naked of human qualification. Confidence in your natural strength and abilities is a thief that wants to rob you of your faith in My ability to accomplish what seems to be impossible. Trust in Me – I am the God who qualifies and empowers. I am the God in Whom you must place your trust."
Garris Elkins, Senior Leader
Living Waters Church – Medford, Oregon


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Anonymous said...

This is off subject but occasionaly I will get around people and they seem to pull things out of the gift God has placed in me. What is God dealing with you about!