Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One Year Later...the Revelation Manifested

It was a cold winter night exactly one year ago tonight (the fifteenth actually). 79th and Ashland. Chicago. Crusaders Church. Apostle John Eckhardt was ministering prophetically (with another man). It was one of those precious prophetic flow nights. I needed a word...not from Apostle, from God. I was down, worried, troubled.

I had just been dealt a severe blow in my life. A customer had cheated me of nearly a hundred thousand dollars in payment due me. I am not a wealthy man. This was going to hurt. Not bankruptcy...but pain and difficulty. At my age and state of life this was going to change our lifestyle. I was fearful.

I was sitting in the building where I like to sit. Off to the right side of the platform, about ten rows back in the middle. As inconspicuous as a large older balding white man can be at Crusaders.

While the flow was going on, I was looking hard as the words were given to find something for myself. I was writing down what fit.

Suddenly I heard the Lord speak to me...clearly. I won't try to explain how that happens, if you have had this happen, you will understand. If not, you will someday -- I hope. Not a booming voice, a rising sound in the Spirit coming from deep inside yet clearly from the outside of you. That's what is sounds like when God speaks. It is a voice of peace, joy, love, patience without condemnation but with light and revelation. The kind that drives saints to fall before Him prostrate in awe. He is constantly speaking to his people, audibly in the Spirit, we just aren't hearing Him.

What He said to me has changed my life forever. I hope this will help you as you read this.

I heard in the Spirit the Lord said:

"You don't trust me...do you"?

Yes I do, I love you, believe in you, you are my God, I am your man.

"I know that...but you don't really trust Me".

I do...I really do..."I hope"

"IF you really trusted Me you wouldn't be sitting here in fear and anxiety over your future. You fears over your business and your life would not be stronger than your trust in Me".

At that moment I was crushed. Here I was, in this conversation with the creator of all the universe being humiliated (in love), I could prophecy to kings and yet was personally destroyed.

I repented. I felt foolish. Broken. Then a wave of Holy Love flowed over me. I could feel it. It was like a waterfall of warm oil flowing from the top of my head down to the bottom of my feet. Accepting. Reassuring.

Then after a time in this state, the Lord spoke again...

"If you will trust me without question I will show you the secret revelation to My supernatural Provision and Protection so you can walk in absolute trust in My care for you. Can you trust me that completely?"

I said YES..but I was still fearful. Then He asked me to do something unusual.

He said, "Take out a piece of paper, write down the numbers I am about to give you".

I did, big numbers. Then he identified what they were. Incomes. Sources. Revenues. Places I wouldn't be hurt financially. Places of deliverance in my life. Provisions. Protections. When this promise process was complete, I had to admit it was more than I could hope or imagine in my state at that moment. I was living on credit cards with no money in the bank at that moment. Yet, He had given me His word. I still have that sheet of paper from my notebook. It happened exactly as he said.

Then he said to me, "I will give you supernatural revelation regarding my program of Protection and Provision if you will hear my voice and search the scriptures as I direct to uncover the truth. My people are perishing for lack of this revelation".

For the next 90 days I spoke not a word about this to anyone. He was in the process of revelaing this to me. I wrote down what he said. Then 90 days after this revelation I went public with this and offered to share it as best I could with whomever would hear.

I have shared this as best as can be in a 40 minute talk with a dozen congregations or groups. I wish I could tell you everyone who hears this is filled with great joy and hope. In fact, I have been argued with, disdained and had people get up and walk out. It is not a pearl that you can have without a great price being paid. This requires a new level of obedience into which most Christians are unwilling to enter. Our western culture has erected a wall against this revelation. We have been over-taught incorrectly.

I thought of trying to do this as a You Tube teaching. Too short. This can't be taught, it must be imparted. Several posts on the Prophet Gene Blog have cracked open the door. Yet, the revelation is grasped only by a few.

While I was on vacation I spent several days early in the morning with a pad and pen writing in longhand in completion of a book I had begun writing on this. I write even more voluminously in longhand than I do on the computer (and I'm pretty loquacious on the computer). The words rushed off the end of my pen. A ready writer, I wrote faster and with more eloquence than I am able to in the flesh. This revelation wrote itself.

I have tried to live according to the instruction and revelation given me that cold night one year ago at Crusaders. The result is Peggy and I have had our best year since 1992. God has shown Himself even more faithful than He promised. He protects and provides. From that place of protection and provision he has allowed me to prosper. Unless we are in the flow of his protection and provision, prosperity can never come. If sudden wealth does manifest, it will destroy us. Consider Lottery Winners.

Anyone can access this truth, but there is a price to pay. Everything has to be wrung out of our comfortable lives: Our theology is messed up regarding the end times, our view of Israel is confused, our understanding of kingdom is out of sync with the real Kingdom, our grasp of God's demands on our wealth is blinded, our hearts towards others in generosity is distorted, our mouth's confession hobble the destiny God placed in us, our dealings with our fellow believers and spiritual leaders is a limiting factor in our walk toward this reality. There are so many things in our western christian culture that auger against God's plan for Provision and Protection that we are crushed...as I was.

Most of the prosperity teaching of the last 35 years on Television and from the Pulpits of America have actually had the opposite effect, we are more impoverished than ever. The enemy controls our destiny by our pocketbooks. This is a stench in the nostril of God. It was not his plan.

I would lie to you if I said I have never had a second's doubt. But the voice of God rings in my ears..."You don't trust Me, do you?". May my answer ever be Yes, Lord, Yes.

May you as well. The Lord has placed this secret in my hands, several other prophets have since this time spoken portions of this as well. Even in the secular world there are voices reinforcing what the Lord has shown me.

Our government, much of Religion, our culture, our educational system positions itself against the manifestation of this revelation. I am confident Father will prevail. His word is not being released to return to Him void. We are about to enter a season of crisis where this word will be essential.

I Trust HIM. YOU?


PeaceLady said...

This is very thought provoking and the timing is also meaningful. I want to learn. How do I find out more?

Anonymous said...

would like to hear more....have you checked out ustream online..they have live streaming for free and recording you videos to post to facebook with a connect button..alot of house churces and minsitries are on there

Keri said...

I would like to hear the rest of this.