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“The Recompense Begins!” (Henry J Falcone, 2012).

Prophetic Alert 2012, 1:
Beloved of the Lord,

As I came to the office this morning praying in tongues most of the way here, the Lord dropped in my heart the word recompense. Three times He said, "recompense, recompense, recompense" in my spirit.

I usually don't generally write words of this kind. Not because I won't, but because of it is not the "type of communication" that the Lord and I have very often; so please allow the Spirit of God to test and prove these words whether they are from Him or not.

Since I heard it spoken three times within my Spirit, I pondered of what that meant. Here is what I believe I heard from the Holy Spirit. The Lord was about to bring recompense to "His bride to be who are making themselves ready for Him," "then to the Church at large", and "then to the nations of the world. I then proceeded to look up the meaning of the word and there were three distinct definitions that seem to fit each group of people.

The definition of the word recompense means :(to make amends to those who suffered loss or harm; pay or reward someone for an effort; punish or reward someone appropriately for an action according to their doings.)

The first three months of 2012 the Lord is going to begin to bring divine recompense in 3 unique ways and to three unique groups of people. The first is going to come to those "who are making themselves read as a Bride as found in Rev.19:7. (This is the church within a church, the Peter, James and Johns who were separated from the 12 to go up the mount of transfiguration." The second group would be the "church proper" "daughters of Jerusalem as in Song of Solomon. (This would be what we would call the "traditional understanding of church life, going to church, doing a ministry, etc) The third group would be for the nations of the world...

Prophetic Alert: 2012, 2:

To the "church within a church" here is what I believe the recompense will be to those who are making themselves ready. To you, beloveds, the Lord knows how much you have suffered for His name sake. He knows all the relationships that got broken. He knows all the misunderstanding you endured as being "out there," or to spiritually minded and no earthly good.

He has seen the suffering you suffered even in your own homes, the rejection, heartache, the nights that you cried yourself to sleep. He understands how "alone you have often felt" with no one really to give you comfort but the Lord Himself.

He has seen those who have turned away from the lust of things, money, nice houses to follow Him wherever He led you no matter what the cost or the price was to truly know Him.
To you the Lord is bringing the first definition of recompense: "make amends or compensate you for all that you lost unjustly." He is now going to restore to you the years the "locust" has eaten. He is going to give you beauty for ashes. He is going to bring your forth like He did Joseph who was sold to slavery by his brothers.

He is going to bring to you the things that you gave up for His name sake and have you now ready to have the true supply spiritually and naturally for the very brothers who sold you into slavery.

You are now being positioned to be part of the "great deliverer company" that God is bringing to their feet in the nations. The Lord is going to bring you much supply to your hands so you can feed your brothers. When those who opposed you had the last 7 years of plenty you had 7 years of supposed famine and suffering, but now their time of famine has come and will come upon the world, but you will have the "plenty" to feed them. God is restoring all that you lost just as He did with Joseph.

God gave Joseph recompense. He even named his first son Manassah, "The Lord caused me to forget." That is what the Lord is bring to His "own ones," His bride to be. He is bringing your Manassah, so you to will forget the years of heartache because of the goodness of the Lord.

Though your vision and promises tarried and seemed like they would never come, they are now here. Joseph was in prison one day, and the Governor of all Egypt the next, even as God had shown him in his dreams. So it will be with you.

A total place or restoration is coming beginning in the first 3 months of this year. God's favor is going to come in ways you could never believe for you.

Those who persecuted you and did harm to you will begin to see how much God truly loves you and has been working in your life. Many will repent of the cruelty that they caused you by their ignorance and hardness of the heart. Some of the relationships that can be restored will be restored.

Prophetic Alert: 2012, 3:

To the second group, "the church at large who is busy doing his works" yet not pursuing being a bride to the Lord," to you, the Lord is also bringing recompense in 2012. The Lord is going to measure back to you what you have measured to him, if it be good that you will reap good, if it be bad then you will reap the consequences of the bad that was sown. His word says, "whatsoever a man sows, that and that alone will he reap." "To whatever measure a man sows, that and that alone will be measured back to you."

If you have sown to the flesh instead of the spirit, then you will receive even more fully that what must be reaped in the flesh. If you have sown to the spirit, then you will receive even more fully that which you have sown to the spirit. These first three months are "months" of God's measurement. The time where God is trying all mans hearts and motives. It is time where you will be allowed to decide "who is on the Lords' side?"

If you placed the love of money before God, then you will reap and receive recompense accordingly. God spoke of Israel after they asked for meat and weren't satisfied with the manna, "he sent leanness into their souls." This means their ability to know God was diminished. God must honor his word and be just in doing so.

So if you have sown to the flesh and made this world your desire instead of the Kingdom of God, He has no choice but to reward you accordingly. If you don't repent you will see the love for God in you become lean.

Because of this choice, many in the "great body" love for God and one another truly begins to "wax cold" as the word of God says it would. You will see many begin to desert the Lord who they should have remained loyal to. Because of the hardness of their hearts to know Him and His ways, they will begin to speak against the God they said they loved. You will begin to see even more clearly that many "will have a form of godliness, but will deny the power there of."

Yet in the midst of this recompense there is still an opportunity to repent and turn around. As some will begin to say, "What have I done?" What is my life really about?" "Why am I reaping all these things in my life?" They will turn and repent and join the first group and will begin to receive that "definition" of recompense.

To the last group which represents the nations of the world, those who don't know the Lord, God will bring the third recompense to begin manifesting more in the world. More calamities are coming. There will be many more major earthquakes, droughts and flooding.
There will even be new atmospheric conditions that are going to arise in air quality making it harder to breath clean air, and there will be a great shaking in many nations financially that will begin to leave many wondering if the end has come.

Prophetic Alert: 2012, 4:

But not yet, the birth pains are not fully developed yet before the end is to come. Recompense is going to come to nations that oppose God, His will and who oppose Israel. It looks like they now are gaining the upper hand, but God is about to blow on their "man made and demonic intentions."

Some nations are truly going to return to the Lord in earnest... Other nations are going to be known as "godless nations, and others as "God fearing nations." Their God will be the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through our Lord Jesus Christ. Some nations will receive recompense because of the prayers that have gone up to God. God has heard them and a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit will come to those nations as they have prayed for it.

Other nations have done all they can to remove the "TRUE GOD" from their midst, even to purge out any traces of the "True God" to have their "own god" will experience shaking and great tribulations. These nations will face famine, civil wars, and outbreaks of sickness like never seen before, they will face difficulties that would begin to be known as the judgments of God in their midst.

Their wickedness has reached heaven and is now about full and God is going to bring the recompense to these godless nations. Some in those nations will turn to God find the TRUE GOD, THE IAM THAT IAM. Some will receive visitations and appearing of the Lord in open visions and dreams to gather the remnant in those nations, but the nation itself will be known as "against God" and not "for God. "

This recompense will begin in 2012 in earnest and may continue longer as needed by the Lord. It is going to separate the chaff from the wheat, the fat sheep from the lean sheep, the Truth from the Lie, the Holy from the profane, and it does begin in God's house. Those who have sown to the good and have tried to find the Lord will find Him in this time. God will recompense them according to their hearts desires.

God is going to begin to give people over to their true hearts desires whether to good or to evil. Psalm 81: 8-12 will be the measuring stick of the Lord, "He is going to use in the nations.

8Hear, O My people, and I will admonish you--O Israel, if you would listen to Me! 9There shall no strange god be among you, neither shall you worship any alien god.
10I am the Lord your God, Who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide and I will fill it. 11But My people would not hearken to My voice, and Israel would have none of Me.

12So I gave them up to their own hearts' lust and let them go after their own stubborn will, that they might follow their own counsels.

This is the "recompense" that is about to truly be seen in 2012 in an even more fuller way. It has already been delivered in seed form, but now the true nature of all things is about to revealed. The day of fire has come to test and critically appraise all things as they really are.

Prophetic Alert: 2012, 5:

So there are three types or recompenses to come:
1. To His "Bride to be" it will be a restoration and a bringing forth of the fullness of the Lord to their lives. What was done in secret will be revealed. A divine placement has been given like Joseph to be ready to care for their brothers and sisters who may have sold them into slavery. God is going to restore the years of suffering to bring forth the years of plenty in your lives.

2. To the "church at large." God is going to recompense according to what you have sown. If you have lived your lives mostly to sow to your fleshly need and desires, then you are going to reap from that same fleshly desires that could even produce a leanness in your souls. There will be a time to repent and turn to God, yet also a time of true reaping of what was sown either for good or for evil.

The Lord will allow you to taste what it means to truly have what you wanted apart from God. This will cause a part of the Body of Christ to truly repent and turn to the lord. It will cause another part of the Body love to wax cold and have a form of godliness and deny the power there of.

Then another part of the Body will begin to desert the Lord that they should have trusted and turn away from them because of the hardships they will face. They will actually blame the Lord as the cause of their problems instead of the sin that they never removed from their hearts.

3. The Last group will be the very nations of the world. God is giving each nation a choice to become a God fearing nation under His power and authority, or a "godless nation" under the full power of the god of this world. In those nations God will bring true recompense and punishment for rejecting Him, yet even in those nations a remnant will turn to find the Lord. God is going to give to each one the beginning of that recompense as the definition says, "punish or reward someone for their actions."

The first three months of the year 2012 you will begin to see these things come to pass in a way that are unmistakable and undeniable that God is truly in our midst and in the affairs of all mankind.

This word is submitted to the Holy Spirit to discern in you on whether this is a Word from the Lord or not. The Bible says, that the "natural man can never understand the "spiritual things of God, because the Spirit of God is not in him. Spiritual things must be discerned by spiritual people who have been Born Again and filled with the Holy Spirit of God.

This is the second Word from the Lord that God has given me for 2012. The first was to His Bride, and this second is to every person, every tribe and nation and His church. Pray over this and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you concerning these things.

God Bless You all in 2012!
Henry J Falcone, 2012

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