Monday, February 13, 2012

Wilting on the Vine

This is NOT about plants...they are a metaphor.

This is NOT about the Church I attend, it's a place where revelation came.

Sunday in Church I watered the plants. Its what I do. I have been gone two weeks. Before I left I watered them. They hadn't had a drop to drink since and until I came back.

They might live. I hope so.

As I was going thru the process the Lord spoke to me.

Son, do you know why so many churches are adorned with plastic plants? It's a type of the religion that pervades these houses dedicated to Me. They are easy. Require no care. Disposable. Look nice but when they are shop worn are thrown in the dumpster. It's convenient.

I send people to them, they are broken, need care. Inconvenient. They don't know how to maintain life, even new birthed life, so the lives that come are wounded and many die. They substitute plastic religion and ceremony for the life giving living water of My Spirit. The people are thirsty for something real. Something alive. Something exceptional. They are hungry for the genuine. Being treated as something plastic in the pew is no longer acceptable in my sight.

How much more valuable than a plant are the precious ones I send...look to them

I considered this. Had asked if perhaps someone would look after the plants while I am gone. It was shuffled off to someone who doesn't do it but isn't accountable. Sort of like a visitation committee.

Prophetically I don't think we really understand the value of a single soul to God who sent his Son to suffer like a criminal on a cross for even ONE of his creation. Yet we treat them like the plastic plants in our sanctuaries. Stay silent we tell them. Don't demand much and if you leave, you leave. People are inconvenient. People are messy. People take a lot of care. Plastic would be so much easier.

This is NOT an indictment of anyone. It is a wake up call for be very very careful to water well those who are just planted in the household of a green tree. Until their roots have gone deep and they feed from the river of living water, they will need nurture.

Let's be getter Gardeners in the Kingdom.

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Prayingmedic said...

Excellent exhortation, without being critical of others. Most of my best insights about what's wrong with the churh come when I allow Him to speak about what is wrong in my own heart.