Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I have had an experience very much like this....have you?

A friend of mine sent this to me via facebook. I have met Thurmond. His reaction in this story is radical. He lives in an amazing part of the World, Western North Carolina. What is interesting to me about this is when I read it, it didn't seem unusual. I have had just such an experience. Just such a reaction. I know this seems out there, but if you live spiritually where Thurmond, I and millions of others do...this isn't that unusual at all. It's the Spirit of God in control.

From Thurmond:

I am asking for your help on something - Thurmond Duke

Dear Friends....and ANYONE who happens to read this....

Years ago, I went up an old hiking trail not shown on modern maps. It was one of the best hikes of my life. The perfect day, the right time of year, and I was reveling in the wonder of God's mountains and His creation. The mountain laurel was in full bloom. In one place it was growing on both sides of the trail and had arched over the trail making a canopy of blossoms beside me and over me; it was incredibly fragrant and uncommonly beautiful. I came to a place near the ridgeline where I could tell that by going to the edge there would be a spectacular view. I walked out to a rock outcropping, camera ready, and my heart fell into my boots. I could see across a wide, long expanse of valley to the next ridgeline which the eye could follow for at least a couple of miles. What I saw was not the glory of God's creation, but the rape of God's creation. A huge portion of it had been raped by clearcutting. An entire forest had been totally removed. From the valley floor to the top of the mountain there was nothing left but barren earth.

I stood there in disbelief; my spirit felt grief for the life that was gone from the mountain. I know the wags will be thinking to themselves, yeah, TD, you quieted into silence? Nah, never happen. But I had no words, no thoughts, that could express my grief.

This is something that I have shared with but one or two people, but after a few minutes the Spirit began to rise in me, and I began to speak in my "prayer language." At first it was just a quiet flow, but it began to rise in intensity. Then it became forceful...and loud...and I was, I am convinced, prophecying and speaking to the mountains. At one point I began to hold my hiking staff over my head while literally shouting the words to the hills; this lasted for ten or fifteen minutes, and then it began to end as quietly as it began. I had never experienced anything like that before, nor have I since.

I have never shared the story because the few I have shared it with just looked at me like I was some wierd creature from another planet, but it has become one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life.

I tell it now because in a few weeks, barring some unforseen change, I shall be beginning a few months on the Appalachian Trail. People who do this usually take a trail name. I’ve been trying to think of one for me, doing nothing but drawing blanks. Then I thought of that time, and thought maybe Speaks to Mountains would suit me, but I wonder if it doesn’t sound a little hokey and contrived, plus I don’t want to have to explain why I chose it to those who ask, most of whom will be unbelievers. I seriously don’t want to be immediately written off as ‘one of those weird people’ and lose all opportunity to be used of the Lord to touch the lives with which I come in contact.

So I am asking my friends for help. Is it hokey and I should keep trying, or not? Or maybe you have an idea or a different name for me to consider. I would love your input, your suggestions and your help. Please feel free to weigh in asap.




Stephen said...

Actually, your friend's reaction is not so radical, I've felt it myself. I lived in Western NC for several years and still go up there occasionally to visit family. Years ago, before the big building boom, you could literally see thousands of stars in the night sky....THOUSANDS. The fields and trees would be literally lit up with fireflies. It was like being on another planet. Now, very few fireflies and the view of the sky is not much better than being in the city. Just last year, they razed an entire section of forest to build a super WalMart and we already have a WalMart in town. I'm all in favor of progress and growth, but now it's starting to look like simple greed: Buy up every square foot of vacant land there is and build something on it,no matter how unnecessary or redundant it is.

Heart n Hands Inc. said...

Hi Thurmond,
No, it is not hokey. It actually sounds Native American! And I am reminded that God changed Abrams name to Abraham, so that every time anyone called him by name they were saying the decreed outcome of his life. Not only do I think you should take the name, I think you should keep it! Don't let that experience you had, be a 1 time deal. We need people who will speak to mountains, but with the faith that those mountains gotta move! So, keep speaking brother! Keep Shouting and
praying and changing the atmosphere.

By the way, you should go to Mt. Baker in Port Angeles and hike, or the Olympic rain forest, these are in Washington State. Absolutely take your break away and bathe your senses in an awareness of God in His creation. Logging is a huge industry in Washington, I trust that they have kept the checks and balances in place there that once were for responsible forestry harvesting and reforestation.
Blessings dear one.
Nancy or "LadyGrace" as I am known on line.

Marybeth said...

To echo existing sentiments, I have experienced this as well. First time was on a rescue mission, looking for a missing hiker in our California mtns. I knew the Lord wanted me to shout to her, I didn't know what I was going to say until I began speaking. I shouted: "Michelle! The Spirit of the Lord commands you to wake up!Hear His Voice!" later that night her body was discovered, she had fallen 1,200 ft. But I knew Michelle, and she was an athiest. When I heard of her death I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me, I had failed my friend and my Lord on so many levels.Later my son pointed out, was what I shouted an awakening to her spirit? I will know if & how He used my voice when I finally meet with Jesus Christ of Nazareth in eternity. Many other times on the mtn I have been impressed to use my prayer language. One time while hiking my way out, I was impressed with imminent danger, something was approaching me swiftly and with malice. I turned around quickly while speaking the Name of Jesus, and the threat was instantly gone. I never saw what it actually was, perhaps the Lord protected my mind from the horrible image of the threatening enemy. Sometimes I think my prayer language sounds native American when I'm on the mtn. I told my son not only am I addressing the unclean spirits of this particular territory, but I am rebuking them in their own tongue. But for me, am I a prophetess? No. Am I lead by His Spirit? Definately. I feel His presense mostly when I'm hiking the wilderness, my hikes has become my prayer closet. Yes, I too, have felt the intense sorrow when reaching a vista that displays our reckless non-stuardship of this beautiful earth created by God Himself.