Monday, February 13, 2012

When it appears I am against Barack Obama and all Liberalism, I cannot comprimise on my core convictions

What I Stand For - My Core Convictions

1. The sanctity of Life before birth and after birth. Equality before the law, for all people, born and unborn - Barack Obama supports planned parenthood

2. The essential of strong families and traditional marriage - Liberals support gay marriage

3. The need to do good in the world thru Non Governmental Efforts (NGOs). Charity and Relief is best done by individuals and Churches. - Welfare state expands, nationally and internationally

4. The essential human right of Freedom of Speech for everyone. Basic human rights not to be infringed by anyone-- (freedom of association, right to bear arms, right to privacy, etc) - Our basic rights are at risk every day from the left, gun control, free speech.

5. The elimination of all forms of racism - BLACK AND WHITE

6. Private liberty balanced with public decency and morality. Not imposed. - I want to see decency taught, not imposed, that requires religion in the public square, not excluded from the classroom as it is now

7. Limited simplified government that promotes Free market principles with minimal intervention from government or government-like bodies - Our present government intervenes more than it is possible to imagine.

When any institution, any government, any agency, any politician speaks or acts against any of these I rise up against them. How about you, do you have core convictions??

Or will you fall for lies, it's not about voting for republicans or democrats, it's about voting for your core values. No man can stand if he stands on nothing.

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