Monday, February 20, 2012

When that old hard ground is being plowed up...

I have questioned some things in the past few days that has caused people to become cranky about what I am bringing. IF you need a Pastor, require soft words, or a weak response to blatant ungodliness, don't look to me. I have a specific call; The same as the Angels, to defend the Word of the Lord. I will love you enough to call out what I see and tell you the truth. I can be loving and kind, many know that. I can also call out deception and delusion fearlessly. It may seem hard, but this ground is in dire need of breaking up. Don't be offended..examine. You can ignore the word of the Lord as I bring it. That's your choice. They ignored Jeremiah.

Graham Cooke said it best:

"Prophets have a way of ploughing up the ground and causing disturbance. Sometimes this is sorely needed. I know many pastors who, when encountering hard ground, simply lay a patio and cover everything up! Prophecy is attacking, stimulating and provoking by definition. Pastoring is about restoring calm and order. Prophets challenge, pastors soothe" (Graham Cooke – Developing Your Prophetic Gifting).

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