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Kim Clement: Firepointe and Speed of Light: New Technology About to Emerge

January 7th, 2012 - From The Den:

"America Will Become United"

Prophetic Word: "Surely they want your children; surely they want to steal the purity, the child-like faith. This is the year of the young people, of the children. I've given them to you," says the Lord.

Prophetic Word - Talking about Noah and the wind: I promise you by the Spirit of God that is upon me that there is a wind coming to pass over the earth – a global wind from the Spirit of God because the heavens are opening up for it and the waters will subside.

Prophetic Statements: Take this as a sign. When I was praying at 3:00 this morning – I could not get to sleep – and I went to pray and God spoke to me and said to me, "By the tenth month the waters would have decreased. The tenth month, the first day of the month, the tops of the mountains were seen."

Please listen to me. You're saying, "Kim, does this mean October?" I don't know what it means. All I know is when I was praying He said, "Take note of the tenth month," and He said, "What happened on the first day of the tenth month was the tops of the mountains were seen. The breakthrough would have happened by October."

The breakthrough for many of you would have taken place through the summer and your mountain would have been conquered – whatever is in your life that's been holding you back – and the tops of the mountains will be seen. What does that mean? The mountain you will possess, the mountain that will save you, the mountain that will rescue you, will be seen. You will see it this year! Yeah! You're going to see it this year!

Prophetic Statements - Talking about the raven and eagles: It's an amazing thing to see these two eagles (courting), and the raven decides to start trouble with them. And the raven goes out and starts interfering with this courtship. And as I'm watching this thing, the Lord says to me, "That's exactly what the raven is. The raven is the beast of the east; the raven speaks about the beast of the east and how it's provided just a little bit so we could survive. But the time of the eagle has come where the eagle will be one, where the eagle will be courted. The eagle shall be one together. In other words, America will become united."

You say, "Kim, that to me is totally impossible." I'm telling you from the Spirit of God that there shall be unity in the United States of America. If not, take "united" out of it because God is bringing unity. It will never be perfect harmony, but there's a certain unity that's coming within the Church and within certain groups where that unity will cry out to God and that unity will break the power of the raven (that's the Middle East) trying to tell us that we cannot survive without their oil, without their energy. Come on! We know that God has something for us and He's going to bring unity in this nation.

Prophetic Statements - Regarding the coming move of the Spirit and new unity: The Holy Spirit has been seeking for a place to rest His feet. The Holy Spirit has been looking for unity so He can light upon that place. There has been no place that He has found as of yet. There have been little moves and little revivals but this that I'm speaking about is a wind blowing throughout the earth, a wind blowing globally, a wind that will blow and stir up every nation. Even at this point, God is preparing Syria and Iran to have their heads shoved together because God said, "Enough is enough!"

The women started this and now young people are going to take it further. Watch Russia, watch China, watch these nations as God prepares the earth and the wind begins to blow so that the dove can find a resting place and so that the Holy Spirit can move like He's never moved before! I'm so persuaded by this that I know that what's about to happen is greater than we've ever seen. Don't give up now because the dove has found a resting place and will pour out of His Spirit.

Noah and the Ark

Prophetic Statement - regarding the olive leaf brought back by the dove to Noah: There is an anointing that God is giving to us so that we, the earth, may shout out His praises.

Prophetic Statements regarding the dove: I know it's speaking about Noah, but when I saw this, the Lord God spoke to me and said, "Kim, you've entered into a season. If the people would just understand, there is a sound of abundance. The dove has been searching and looking for a place to put his feet, but it came back with a freshly plucked olive leaf, speaking about the anointing. The anointing is coming forth from the earth. Believe it or not – you may not have seen it, you may not have even perceived it, but it is there."

Prophetic Statements regarding Noah and the Ark: Get out of the ark! I could preach a whole sermon on that. I'm just doing my best to let you understand prophetically what we're about to walk into. Be glad! Rejoice because the days of pain are coming to an end. We're always going to have problems in our life, but this massive attack against us is now behind us. The worst is behind us. Please remember what I said on New Year's Eve. Go out of the ark. Get out of the ark and take every living thing – why? So they may abound on the earth and be fruitful and multiply on the earth.

God is releasing today and this year and this decade such a presence and saying, "I want every living thing to be released." You see people, on the earth right now there are those walking around but they're dead – they have no life, they have no future. And yet, walking on this earth are people that are breathing but they're also living, they're alive. They have zoe life, they have an abundance of life, they have expectation. They're anticipating a supernatural move of God. Those people must be released so that they may abound on the earth.

Talking about being on the internet vs. television: Even this morning as I was praying I saw something about this new thing that was going to come, an amalgamation or marriage of television and the internet.

January 24, 2012 - Prophetic Alert:

Fiat and Firepoint

The thing that I'm feeling is the timing. I think we're right on it now; even just that little thing about the car. There's something about that because to deal with Firepointe today and to find that out and to buy the car – I just feel like God's trying to say something. I felt it would be good to share that with you because it's going to happen speedily.

Well now, look at what you just saw. Connect this to Firepointe, connect this to light – He's going to share something about this – and take note of one word. I'm going to give you a little test here to see if any of you can pick up the word that is going to be a company that you're going to be able to invest in. Listen to Him now, already God's giving us something. It's a company you're going to be able to invest in – it's going to be connected to the Firepointe discovery. There's one word you're going to find there that's actually going to lead you to Firepointe.

The word is ludicrous first of all. Keep your eye on that; write it down. These are very serious things. The thing is, people may say, "Well, we have computers today; we have the Internet. What I caught a glimpse of was something completely different, where there wouldn't even be a tangible screen, glass and whatever they use today. It's something completely different. I cannot tell you in words what it is, but it's something that – it's far greater than that. I honestly believe that Firepointe and this speed of light, this whole brand new technology that is about to emerge, connected to the word ludicrous, is what you must get ready to invest in. That's all I can tell you. If you're frustrated and saying, "Give us more," it'll come, but now's the time to really use your eyes, your spiritual eyes, your spiritual senses to pray...

January 29, 2012 - From The Den:

"I Mean Business"

The Spirit of God says, "I have prepared something explosive to take place in the east of the United States of America." The Spirit of God says, "Right into Florida and the surrounding regions and through the sea. I will show you how I can demonstrate My power. I can change things overnight," says the Lord. "There is nothing that can stop My hand. I ultimately will decide what man plans – makes no difference to Me. However, it is necessary for this nation to understand that I mean business. I mean business with the souls of humankind. And I will take your soil and take your sea, I will take the human life that is upon it and I will erupt and cause something to be spoken about that will cause science to say, 'We never dreamed that this would take place;' politicians to say, 'How is it that things can change so quickly?'; Watch as I do it," says the Lord.

"February is one of the months that I've set aside for My display against the arrogance of humanity. The enemy of your soul has wept for too long. Now is the time for the Lord God to arise with His people and bless, bless, bless, bless, bless, bless, bless, bless, bless, bless, bless, bless, bless, bless, bless, bless!"

Kim Clement
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