Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Secret to Supernatural Provision and Prosperity - Have Revelation will Travel

I don't do this often. I did a few years ago when God showed me what was about to happen in the economy. In February of 2009 I was shown clearly what was about to take place and how that would unfold. I shared the revelation in several places. Those that heard and heeded are today better off for it. It happened as I was shown.

Now God has given me a Rhema word about what to do right now, in this economy, in this changing and challenging time. This is an equipping word. A preparing word. It's not a word of gloom and doom, but it is a word that will change your view of living in the fullness of God's supernatural provision. I don''t believe this can be shared in a book. It must be revealed supernaturally. The church is under oppression by a spirit of poverty that must be broken for the next season.

IF your congregation, fellowship, meeting, group or organization needs financial breakthrough; among your people, this revelation will release that breakthrough. I am NOT charging for this. I appreciate any help on travel to do this of course. Freely given I will freely give. I am living this right now and believe it is a needed word that God gave me to pass along to those with ears to hear.

Here is an outline of the revelation as it has been handed to me:
  • God's purpose is always to provide for his people. It's his will. He loves to get Glory in doing it.
  • God uses supernatural events to facilitate provision, supernatural events that look strange to the eyes of the flesh, but are provision in disguise.
  • God hides access to this because it works every time. He expects us to get this by revelation.
  • There are things you can DO to stop this supernatural activity in your life. Find those, stop doing them. Watch God pour himself out.
  • There are things you can do to release the supernatural. You can't give to get. You can open doors that are otherwise closed without God's supernatural intervention.
  • If you try to do this reluctantly or putting God to the test without faith it won't work.
  • There is ONE essential element to releasing God's provision...just most Christians will say they have, but don't.
  • Absolute obedience to his purposes for YOU is the secret.
  • The devil has perverted this to discourage people. Most are walking in less than enough because of it. Most people do NOT understand the realities of Malachi 3. It has been used wrongly and has impoverished people because of it.
  • God's view of you and your provision is much larger than you can imagine. He WILL manifest himself in 30-60-100 fold increase, but you must be in a position to experience it. Most Christians are not. They have blocked the flow of multiplication.
  • Keeping short accounts with God is a key. How do we do this?
  • Once you begin to grasp the revelation of supernatural provision you will be willing and able to step out in confidence in the plan of God hidden in secret places.

A disturbing truth is that most Christians, particularity Pentecostals and Baptists are poor. Many very poor. Well below the norm in earning. I maintain it is because we do not understand the principles of provision. We don't know how to tap in to what God has planned for us. We think we have the word of faith for prosperity but we are losing our jobs, houses, cars and income while we declare ourselves prosperous.

What is worse, most pastors and senior leaders of churches do NOT understand this themselves. They live far below their economic potential. They live like paupers because the congregation they serve are paupers. The tithe on nothing is nothing. They are trapped and believe the lies about prosperity that have perpetuated the deep poverty they are in and by extension their people are in. IF you aren't paying your bills, and are preaching prosperity, I don't care how nice a car you have leased, or how good your clothes are...they are symptoms of your poverty. It's time for the Sham to Stop. It's NOT God's will.

Father is saying it's time to get real about God's provision for his people. It's time to break the poverty cycle in the church. It's time to release the supernatural provision of God for his people. The Church of Jesus has been oppressed too long by a demon called the Spirit of Poverty. It's time for deliverance.

When this revelation came a few months ago I didn't do much with it. I let it mature. Now I'm ready. If you want to hear this for yourself, I am willing to come share what God has shown me. It has changed my life. It will yours too. I'm ready to come and release the deliverance the Saints of God need. To see people manifest the supernatural provision of FATHER GOD.

If you want me to come deliver this message, please respond via email or if you see me on Facebook, in-box me. I am only going to share this for a few months...and then step back to watch those who get this revelation prosper. I suspect once enough people get this revelation it will spread on it's own. BUT you can't share it if you aren't living it. This isn't a theology or a teaching, it's a lifestyle and it can only be entered into by revelation.

Set My People Free from the Demon Spirit of Poverty!

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