Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Word submitted for your discernment -- By Yolanda Ballard


For it is not by might nor by power but by My spirit, says the Lord.

We are coming into the most awesome display of tactics that we will ever experience from the enemy. For the enemy is using every method possible to weigh down the chosen ones who are called to do war against him. There will be attacks against your finances, your health, your
marriage, and your church. Every arena of your life will be under attack, but if you keep your eyes focused on Truth, and just continue to draw close to the Lord, all that the enemy uses for your harm will turn for bringing you strength, wisdom, experience, improve your character by
purifying it like gold that has gone through the fire.

Through all that you will go through and face in the natural will be conforming you into the image of the Lord Himself, and you will be made whole, fit for the Master’s use. You need to be a pure and holy vessel to be able to contain the power that will soon flow through you. You cannot
be tainted in any way. A pure vessel will not rob the Lord of any glory.

So when you begin to face these trials, remember that it will only take much tribulation to enter into the level of warfare in worship that you need to be at to be able to war against the level of demonic activity that you will face. The enemy was defeated at the Cross of Calvary, but he knows that if he continues to press in on the people of God, many will buckle down, be worn down, and not fight any longer.

You need to be a mighty conqueror, an overcomer, able to crucify your flesh, and soar like the eagle in My spirit. No longer will you be called defeated, but be called a mighty army, a warring one, united in mind and spirit, pressing in against the enemy, fully prepared, full of the power and might needed to defeat every stronghold possible. Many have done their part to prepare the Bride, but you must take what you have and now run with it.

Be strong, be courageous, be bold, for this is the time to really war and soar! Trust in the Lord and in the power of His might. Be bold as a lion and gentle as a lamb. Be full of the perfect balance of grace and truth. Assemble yourselves together. Move in the momentum of the Lord
pressing in with just the right amount of pressure and flow at an even pace. Bear down as one and push for the birthing is about to take place, and the manchild will come forth. What is the manchild, but the exact image of the Lord Himself flowing through His people. Bring it forth.
Bring it forth, for it is time.

Every attempt to fulfill the calling of the Lord on your life will be greatly rewarded. Like the mustard seed, as small as it is, it will produce a mighty harvest. Examine your heart. Are you willing? Are you making yourself available? Are your motives pure? Every aspect of your attitude is important.

At The Father's Feet

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