Sunday, January 22, 2012

Verily Verily

Jesus often started a statement with these words as from the Greek and Aramaic. Verily Verily. He wanted us to understand that was He was about to say was not simply truth, it was the truth about the truth. Truth Truth. This is an absolute.

When he spoke such things it had the net effect of driving a stake in the ground of fiction. Hanging a plumb-line over the deceptions rampant to demonstrate deviation.

This is what is missing in much of the Christian Churchianity. I hear it. I see it. I experience it. We are full of sound and fury signifying nothing. All hat and no cattle. Smoke but no fire. Yet there is verity. There is truth. I see it from time to time. I see legitimate reality. It is clothed in humility and quietness. It comes masked as a beggar. It comes without fanfare and often without a microphone. It almost never appears on Christian Television. I doesn't usually have much of a building nor a very large congregation.

Those who seek HIM in the right places, find HIM. He's never far off but there are so many other pretenders who are jumping into the arena. There is a commercial for Ladders that ran a few years ago. Since I see Jesus in everything, this made me think of the search for JESUS and the mass confusion a lost soul sees when he looks at "Religion".

Jesus came into such a world. A woman at a well was confused by all the players on the court. Jesus had to speak to her with verity.

And she was changed forever.

Can we do the same??

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Stephen said...

Reminds me of the scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Jones is trying to figure out which of the cups in the room is the real Holy Grail. A lot of flashy pretenders that brought death, but the real thing sat quietly in the background unnoticed.