Tuesday, January 17, 2012

" 2012 Get Ready For The Great And Terrible Adventure! " The Prophets Longed To See This Day by Jo Ellen Stevens

The Lord just said tell my people to get ready in January 2012 for the Ride of their life!!!!! If you will hold on to my hand I will walk you through the debris of the Chaos and get on the other side. close the eyes of your fear and flesh and I will guide you through the ruins and debris and burning coals of the ashes of what was and guide you into your future!! Get Ready all you will feel is the rush of the wind on your face from the shaking that is about to take place!!!

2012 Will be known as"the Great And terrible ride of our lives. It is what the prophets had desired to see and yet not to see!! it is the Day of great changes for my people. Grab hold of my hand and I will take you trough it to your place of destiny in me!! You are about to enter into your "Time" Your pain in this last season will be your gain in this next!1 Only take hold of my hand and close your eyes of the natural man and open your eyes of your Spirit! I will guide you as a little child walking through a very dangerous minefield,but I know where the traps are and the hidden snares. You can only be guided with my eyes. So Get ready my child ,because your childlike faith will be your saving Grace in this Day and hour ,but oh when we get through the minefield there are great treasures awaiting on the other side .the spoils of the enemy will be yours as you have trusted in me!!

It is the Fear of the Lord and knowing I am your only eyes that will take you to your purpose and destiny. Then you will know that it is the place that you were created for and the place that you were born into this world for and it will no longer be I have to do this and I have to do that ,but you will have a heart after me . "My people will be willing in the day of my power" You will serve me not as a slave serves His master ,but as children excited to please their Father.

Get Ready we are about to go on a the greatest adventure of your life!! I have written your name in my book, and there is a story just about you in it .This is the culmination of your story, and oh what a story it is going to be, for I am about to bring illumination on this treacherous, and tumultuous path that you are on, and bring you to the Place that I created you for before the foundation of the world!! Get ready .Trust Daddy and you will be alright.

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