Monday, January 2, 2012

God is NOT a schizophrenic

After I published the word of the Lord for 2012, Hope Deferred. I listened to the word of the Lord for 2012 brought by Loren Sandford in Colorado. It's eerie, it's uncanny. WAIT...its GOD. Why would he tell my brother Loren one thing and me another. It sounds to me Like the Theme for 2012 and beyond is set. This is the GENUINE prophetic, not some fluffy words without substance. This is what God intended the prophetic to look and sound like. AMOS - HABAKKUK.

It's an hour long, so be in a place where you can fire it up and let it run. We must start telling the Church the truth about what is going to happen. This is not about END TIMES stuff...this is about the world we are moving into.

Listen HERE:..

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Stephen said...

I got a chance to listen to Loren's word the other day. Very sobering indeed. I could even see the word he gave was troubling to him.