Friday, September 2, 2011

Shirley Carter: LOVE IS BOLD!

Love is actually strong and quite bold. It is bold enough to forgive the greatest wrong. It can be jealous for God to touch our cities. We can be warriors of love for a dying generation today, just as Jesus was a mighty warrior of love. Love is a power that casts out all fear. Jesus was dripping with it and demons were obliterated by it. That is why, after all, I believe human beings ...flocked to Jesus by the multitudes in His ministry here on earth. They saw His goodness and they saw His love in action in a life of worship and true humility.

How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; because God was with Him.—Acts 10:38

When we receive the contagious love of Jesus, possessed in our nature, we too will do the same. There will be a release upon many right now, where all who are oppressed by the devil, in their path, will be healed because God will be with them. Faith works by love. It worked through Jesus to bear the Cross of His shame. The love of Jesus and His atoning work through the Blood of His Cross still remains to be the greatest sacrifice praised in Heaven and always will be. That is why many of us are saved today because we met this loving Jesus, the "Friend of sinners." That is my favorite name of Jesus in the Bible! (see Luke 7:34).

God is bringing His Bride back to the simple basics of love today. He loves His Body so much and wants His Body to be completely free from all unforgiveness, bitterness and pain. Remember, only Jesus can help us overcome fear. Only Jesus can help clean us of all bitter root issues and places in our lives where we are missing the mark. His Holy Spirit can help you today. Love is the key to our cities, the key to angelic help and the greatest key of all!

In this world, Jesus promised we would have tribulation, but to not be afraid because He has overcome the world. Love will grant us access into complete victory over the spirit of fear, anxiety, panic or depression in these times. It will grant the glory generation arising, to come into full maturity. The fruit of the Spirit of love will help us bear all the other fruits with great ease.

Love One Another - A Clarion Call

I realized that there were so many opportunities in my life that I could have shown more genuine love to people, but missed many opportunities because of my pride. There were so many opportunities to show it to my brother, but my error was masked behind pride and fear of rejection. Believe me, we are all not perfect, but we are striving toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. The Lord knows and sees all. Love should be our greatest aim! When we walk in love it makes the angels happy. When we walk in pure love it makes the Father happy.

After we were done many of us knew it was time to go appear before Jesus. We felt confident that we could appear before Him after repenting and demonstrating, at that minute, what we should have demonstrated all of our lives. I realize the vision may not be real time, with events in the Millennial Reign to come, but it was more of a clarion call to love.

When I woke up, the Spirit of the Lord seemed to speak to my heart and say, "The return of Jesus to the earth is sooner than people think, and yet many desperately need more revelation of love. Many of My saints have unknowingly adapted a spirit of the world and are still competing against one another secretly in their hearts. I have said in My Word in John 15 that 'you are My friends if you do whatsoever I command you.'

"To be My friend is to walk in My greatest command of all that I gave, and that is to love one another. If My Church wants to win the world they must first learn to love the Church and have love one for another; then more people would flock to the churches by the droves!"

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