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Paul Keith Davis: Affirmations of the Open Door—Special Report

Paul Keith and Wanda Davis

Rarely have I preached a message with such clear and concise affirmations as the one I recently shared concerning "The Open Door." I am thoroughly convinced we stand before a divine opportunity for those who have positioned themselves to move forward into a new day.

I included a reference to this message in my recent newsletter saying, "Clearly, we stand before the dual open doors of 'opportunity' and 'revelation.' One is horizontal and runs linearly through time, leading us into the harvest and identified with Revelation 3:7-8, while the other is vertical into the Heavens and identified with Revelation 4:1. We shared details on this perspective in our recent SOS meeting. I also spoke about it at Chuck Pierce's Open Door Conference the first week of August."

In these messages I told of a phenomenal rock formation on the ranch of a friend that provided a prophetic picture of the application of this reality and the breaking off of the remnant that would be vertically (heavenly) minded (click here to read the word and see pictures of the rock formation on The Elijah List). At the time I shared this at Glory of Zion's "Open Door" conference, Chuck Pierce joined me at the conclusion of this message and we both began to prophesy. A portion of the prophetic word he brought that day will be included below. During that session I felt a shift in the room and the appearance of angels. Anne Tate, one of Chuck's staff, saw with her open eyes four angels with scrolls and Chuck began to decree the revelation of one of them. He prophesied:

At one point in this message you could feel the angelic structure interact into this place. Then all of a sudden, Anne Tate leaned over to me and said, "There are four angels in the place with different scrolls."

The Spirit of the Lord began to speak, "You will decree a release of one of those scrolls." I stood up and said, "The Lord would say, Watch Washington, D.C., for there will come upon the place a physical storm. This storm will be a sign. This sign is necessary and cannot be prevented. This physical storm will rest down, and when the storm descends – the scroll for the government of this land will be unlocked.

"I will unwind a structure that has gotten intertwined with the enemy's plans. I will reinstitute law in this land that has been removed. I am sending angels in at My command based upon the revelation that is being spoken now, and from those angelic hosts, a land and its governments will be changed."

Then one of the angels spoke. This angel had a scroll and said, "There is a religious spirit that is preventing governmental change. Many denominations have rejected the shifting of one mantle and the wearing of the new mantle. Even as John the Baptist ended the prophetic covenant of one season and that mantle was placed on John the Revelator and opened up for a people to come, many people have refused to enter in and wear the mantle of John the Revelator."

"That mantle now is all that can clothe My people. I have a people now crying out saying, 'We must be clothed with the mantle of the revelator today.' It is that mantle that is now being formed and fit for a people to wear. When you leave here the door has now been opened for that mantle to be brought in and placed upon a people. From this place much that has been sealed will be revealed." [This word was given before The Response occurred in Houston, Texas on August 6.] –End of Chuck Pierce's word.

We now know that an extraordinary storm has struck our nation's capital and the entire Eastern Seaboard. Many have said this storm is unprecedented in recent memory. I believe it is a clear fulfillment of this prophecy which would lead us to believe the other portions of it will be fulfilled also. I genuinely believe the Lord is offering doors of "opportunity" and "revelation" that will transform our present understanding of visitation and the manifestation of His Kingdom for our day.

In addition to that, I was sharing many of these revelations in a phone conversation with Bob Jones on August 24th. We agreed that our generation is entering a time that will produce the reality of Isaiah 60 with darkness covering the earth and deep darkness the people, while at the same time God's remnant company will begin to shine with His glory. He then said, "It will be the best of times and the worst of times." We both remembered that we had included that phrase in one of the Shepherd's Rods, but we could not remember which.

While in the conversation he felt it was important to pinpoint it, so I did a quick search. I discovered that we had included this phrase in the 2006 Shepherd's Rod, written in the fall of 2005 on the Day of Atonement. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that phrase was used in a section that I had entitled, "The Scrolls." I will include a portion of that Shepherd's Rod below:

The Scrolls

Scrolls are a general reference for words from God and prophetic promises. Our call in this hour is to not merely read the Word but "eat the Word." When the prophets of old ate the scrolls, it was as though they consumed the prophetic theme for a generation. They then became the message. The Lord does not only want us to have a prophetic promise, but to become the promise.

In Revelation 10 we discover the open book containing the full revelation of Jesus Christ. It is the book of redemption. The Church can also begin to expect fresh insight from God's heart that has been reserved for the end-time generation. We are called to take the open book from His hand and eat it. We must prophesy again concerning many nations, tongues, tribes and kingdoms.

As we call upon Him, He is promising to answer us and tell us great and mighty things that we presently do not know (Jeremiah 33:3). The scrolls descending with the angelic host represent measures of revelation concerning the nature of Christ and latter-day prophetic promises from His Word. According to Daniel 12:4,

"But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge."

These words contained in God's blueprint will have application within the Church and also for our nation in its transition into a more fruitful posture. Again, these promises are not to indicate the complete turning of this nation, but within the core leadership position on key issues. Even so, we are promised a great harvest of souls from our nation and throughout the world.

There will be a grace for those seeking it, but also increased lawlessness for those who spurn God's hand of mercy. It will be the best of times and the worst of times. Ours is a promise for the restoration of moral virtues to be recaptured that were once lost.

Releasing the Honey and Scrolls

The more righteous prayer ascended before God, increased measures of hope was being imparted to the eagle. As the angels continued to feed the bird through the saint's intercession, the transformation was initiated.

When the angels fed the honey and the Word of God to the eagle, the poison she had previously consumed began to be neutralized. This process appeared to be approximately a two-year journey. We are presently in a two-year transition.

This eagle is not appointed unto death during this season, but to repentance. She is called to once again eat the good Word of God. The Lord is not finished with this nation. There are prominent things yet to be accomplished before the end comes.

Although many may see the outward condition of the eagle and predict her death, it is not the will of God for this to transpire. It takes people with Heavenly vision to be able to see an exceedingly great army in the midst of a valley of dry bones.

Nevertheless, those that possess eyes to see will prophesy life to the bones and watch the miracle transpire. The future of this great eagle is in the hands of God's people.

A Fullness of Time Juncture

We are living in a crucial moment in the spiritual history of this nation and in the destiny of the Church; a "fullness of time" moment in the plan of God. God Himself is granting to the Church increased authority to stand in the gap for our nation.

Our willingness to heed this call will determine the speed by which the heart of America is transformed from a weakened and poisoned position into the majestic nation she was intended to be. The "great eagle" is called to live in this hour and also to lead. This nation's present eagle molt can be facilitated only through the prayers and counsel of God's people. It will be the consolidated intercession of the Church and the spirits of righteous men and women made perfect. As the writer of Hebrews acknowledges,

"But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to myriads of angels, to the general assembly and Church of the firstborn who are enrolled in Heaven, and to God, the Judge of all, and to the spirits of the righteous made perfect, and to Jesus, the Mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled Blood, which speaks better than the blood of Abel" (Hebrews 12:22-24).

We have come to Mount Zion and the city of the Living God. We have come to myriads of angels and to the spirits of the righteous made perfect. All of the Church in Heaven and on earth are standing to attention at this most crucial hour in our nation's history and in God's blueprint.

As the Bible depicts, we are presently surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses who constitute spirits of righteous men made perfect. The Lord Himself ever lives to make intercession, and those joined to Him do likewise.

When the righteous cry out, the Lord hears from Heaven. All of this hinges on the establishment of righteousness in God's people and their willingness to stand in the gap.

Our nation's cleansing transformation process has already begun. The molting procedure has been initiated with many of the things we have been watching over the last two years. The direction of the future is in our hands. In Bob's vision, it was the Church of Jesus Christ surrounding our nation that caught God's attention. It is our righteousness, imputed to us by the Lord's Blood that is our door of hope. It is our role to bring the spirit of repentance into the Church on behalf of our nation.

Hidden Warriors

Many of the ones who are called to play a key role in this responsibility are not even known on earth; but they are known in Heaven. These spiritual warriors have received the imputed righteousness of God and carry His influence.

They have captured the attention of Heaven and it is now time to arise, like Moses from the wilderness, and exercise their delegated authority.

For a season, David was hidden in the cave of Adullam. When the time was appropriate, he and his mighty band emerged in strength to execute the commission of God. So shall it be with this company.

Although the call is for the entirety of the Church, those that will be used most notably in this battle will be many who are yet unknown in a public forum; but they are well-known before the Throne of Grace. Their reward will be great, once victory is achieved.

The heart of this message is for God's people to adhere to His standard of righteousness. Purity and maturity will prepare us to carry great mantels of authority needed for this commissioning.

A primary part of our mandate for this season is intercession for our nation and Israel. A deposit of anointing and authority is being allocated for those who will apprehend it.

Although we are focused on the prophetic promises for the future, much will be determined by our willingness to embrace this present responsibility. Winning this battle will lay a platform for the achievement of many prophetic promises granted to us as a corporate Body and as individuals.


Time will determine precisely how these revelations will play out over the course of the next weeks, months and years. I am encouraged in my faith to believe that we stand before a much-needed open door. I am presently in a season of intense prayer and fasting to access the doors of revelation and opportunity.

The Lord recently spoke to me and said, "The pattern for what is coming cannot be found on earth, but only in the unseen realm." I was then given Hebrews 8:5 as a reference. The time has come for us to do things more completely the Lord's way. His thoughts and ways are much higher than ours.

I mainly just wanted to outline these revelations before you so that we can each begin to pray into them and contend for its complete manifestation.


Paul Keith Davis
WhiteDove Ministries


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