Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Revelation of Provision and Protection: The Highest Law is the Law of Righteousness

It is the law written on our hearts. The word righteousness has as part of it's meaning, the idea of generosity and doing justly.

IF that is in place we won't be obligated to tithe, give offerings or serve. We will not do that out of obligation but out of revelation.

Many people are not faithful to this call of God, this revelation, so the Tithe is the pattern written down for our instruction. While a New Testament believer is not bound by the law, he can enter into the blessings generosity provides and avoid the curses stinginess results in.

People START with the Tithe. Then, they can graduate to generosity without the law where all things are held in common as the revelations come. By that the hand of God is opened to them.

We can be generous with even little we have. That is why the widow's mite was so powerful. She gave what she had in her hand.

She was truly generous. Righteous. Just.

She didn't do so out of legalism, she did what she did out of the revelation.

Pray hard that you can grasp the revelation of Provision and Protection. It will change your life.