Tuesday, September 13, 2011

God's Hand is Moving in the World you Know

The Peace of God comes over me.

There are many ominous signs around the globe. Because I have some understanding of economics I should not have peace. Disturbances in various places, geophysical and political as in Libya, Egypt and Syria. Potential war in the Middle East.

This peace come because I know my God. I know who He is. I know his hand and I see it on the move. His purposes are being unveiled.

This will be a suddenly. It will cause people to come to the end of reliance on anything or anyone other than HIM. He will manifest Himself thru his people who are faithful to the end. The power that has long been in the hands of evil men driven by evil intentions placed in their hearts by manifested evil, satan will be crushed.

Many seeking truth will suddenly be confronted with HE who IS truth. Truth is not a thing, He's a Man ... the fullness of the Godhead.

This will cause many to flee for protection to the old established hiding places, money, military, might. These rocks and caves will offer nothing in the face of the terror. The terror will seem horrible to those without God and Glorious to those who know Him.

Now is the time to prepare for the days to come. This is the time of troubles that will usher in the Kingdom of God in a way never even imagined by man's inventions. Those who are walking with the Kingdom in their hearts will be surprised by what the Kingdom will look like manifested in the world.

This gives me peace. It should give you peace. Expect everything you depended on other than God shown to have no substance. For everything you trusted other than God to be uprooted and torn down.

If you feel fear about the days to come, examine your heart. What are you depending on? Who are you depending on?

On the other side of this time will be a glorious future for you, your children and your children's children. There will be changes that you will stand in awe of. Things are being released in the earth that will change everything...for the better.

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margaret said...

I like this posting very much. I am relying on God more and more for all my family's provision and protection. When fear creeps in, or Satan rattles the door knob, I remind them that my God is boss! They have no power or rights over me.