Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Receive the Truth and it will Break the Chains off your Neck

In earlier posts the Spirit of God has been dealing with me about receiving lies vs truth. It's hard to discern when a lie enters your realm to invade your spirit. There are biblical tests regarding truths and lies so we can reject the devious lies the enemy sends our way.

Some lies seem innocent and harmless enough. Some seem to be wrapped in good reason. Some tickle our ears and make us feel better, superior, in, connected. Some are lies that we tell ourselves and others so we fit our surroundings. It's a cultural lie. Yet, we must get beyond the boxes we live in and see truth as God sees it. Truth is Jesus; The way, truth, life. Does what we believe come to the father unashamed and whole; OR does it wither in the sun of righteousness' bright light? Would you stand and proclaim this before the Bema seat of Jesus as he judged your works as a truth you stand on in that hour? Or would it fall as burnt straw?

The first test of a lie is how does it mesh with the revealed truth of the Word of God? Not some distorted interpretation. Denominations and movements have taken the Word of God and abused it until it has become unrecognizable as truth. We must let the Word of God speak directly to you about who it is and what it means. What does the text say? What does it mean? How can we apprehend it's salience to who we are? Some of what we believe is in the Bible isn't and isn't truth. We must learn to hear the truth and not thru the filter of other's. Jesus when asked about the end of the age by his disciples started his dissertation with this warning: "BE NOT DECEIVED" Matthew 24:4. Apparently there was not only the potential but the probability that they could be. Later He says, "Deceiving as it were even the very elect" Matthew 24:24. So this deception potential is for us today.

I asked Father to show me red flags and green lights regarding truth and lies so we can keep ourselves from being taken in by the lies of the enemy:

  • Truth will take away fears...a lie will add to your fears
  • Truth will connect you with God...a lie will draw you further away
  • Truth will strengthen you...a lie will leave you weaker
  • Truth will give you more confidence....a lie will make you timid
  • Truth will make you stand strong in God...a lie will try to make you a victim
  • Truth will convince you of Righteousness in Jesus...a lie will make you feel guilty
  • Truth will build your sense of Self Worth...a lie will devalue who you are..and others
  • Truth will cause you to become a conqueror...a lie will make you feel oppressed...beaten
  • Truth will always make you feel free of burden...a lie will cause you to be overwhelmed
  • Truth will remove strongholds in your life...a lie will keep you in chains
  • Simply said, Truth will build you up.....a lie will tear you down

Each of those statements above are drawn directly from the word of God. He tells us that he wants us free of the Devil's lies and evil schemes. But we are easily beset. Taken down. Lies are easier to receive than truth. That's why we take them in...particularly thru our culture, media and entertainment.

In the past few days I have found myself in the place of defending the weak and innocent against those who would take advantage of or demean them. It has cost me. I do not fit in to the easy box of lies that many would like to place me. By the Spirit of God I will seek truth and expose lies. It is the job of the prophet to do so. To become salt and LIGHT in the world.

If all hate me on account of His Name...that was his Warning; I'm too far into this to be intimidated by that any more. Acts 1:8

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Nicole Dulski said...

Amen Brother Gene! Met with a very Godly mentor recently and she prayed for a prophet to speak directly on what we prayed about and you just did! Thank you! May the Lord reveal more to you in His time and may it continue to open eyes and ears up to the TRUTH!

Much love you to and Peggy, Nicole