Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jesus Standing In The Atlantic Ocean Vision

Susan O’Marra


I saw Jesus rise up in the Atlantic Ocean facing the United States Continent. He was standing offshore in the Ocean facing between the Texas and Florida areas. Jesus was miles big and He was standing with His arms outstretched reaching out to the U.S...

South America was to His back and North America was in front of Him. The U.S. had walls built all around her coastline borders from Alaska to Maine. They were very high and were built to keep Him out of the church and out of our nation.

The Lord showed me that the walls were walls of opposition, walls of indifference, and walls of hostility. The walls were 3 layers thick, and the Lord showed me that the church’s indifference built the first layer, which allowed religious opposition to be erected into it, which then had allowed hostility to further reinforce the walls to it’s current state. The church in the U.S., in it’s current condition has refused the Lord’s headship which has caused our own nation to be imprisoned by the church’s choices, in the Spirit.

As I watched, 4 trumpets came from heaven, and then they sounded. When the 4 trumpets sounded the walls all across our 3 borders fell down flat and were shattered. All of our resistance and religious oppositions, and our arguments against the Lord were futile to keep Him out, and to prevent Him from coming to His Church and to set His people free.

As the walls fell, I saw the cherubim very large, descended from heaven and the four split up and the ox faced Cherubim flew over to the West Coast and waited offshore in its Position. The eagle faced cherubim flew over just above the Northern border over the US and waited in its position. The lion faced cherubim flew over to the east Coast border offshore and waited in its position. Then the final cherubim, the man faced one, flew over to the Southern Coast offshore and waited in its position.

The fear of the Lord swept over the U.S. as they saw the 4 Cherubim and the Lord standing offshore.

Then Jesus, still standing in the Atlantic Ocean offshore blew upon the U.S. from His mouth, and the whole Continent was engulfed in flames. Great sounds of pain and anguish was heard from border to border as the flames spread and grew fiercer. As I watched you could also hear voices of rejoicing and joy coming from areas within the flames. I saw that God’s People were untouched and unharmed within the flames. They were surrounded by the Presence of the Lord within the flames all across the lands wherever they were in the U.S.

The whole land was ablaze under God’s gaze as Jesus watched from offshore. He watched and then He nodded. The fires died down after awhile and ashes were seen everywhere. Jesus then blew upon the U.S. With His mouth again, and a great cloud of dust arose from the ashes and began to blow out to sea. The remaining dust settled and under the ashes were areas visible but they were changed. A great

cleansing had purged the areas and some areas even sparkled with new life. Other areas were dead, burned out by the fires. Not one Area in the U.S. was untouched, but everything was changed, or even rearranged.

The Lord nodded again and smiled. He raised His arms and the 4 Cherubim lifted up from the 4 borders of America and went back to Heaven. Then the Lord told the 4 trumpets to sound again. The 4 Trumpets sounded, and the U.S. Shook from end to end. Jesus nodded and again smiled. He raised His hands, and all across America. People began to stand, and they also raised their hands to God. I looked up and the Father was in Heaven looking down from His throne as all of this was happening, and He nodded as the people raised their hands to Him in heaven. Prayer began to rise to Heaven. America began to stand with the Lord. Great prayer was heard across the land as it expanded.

Then I saw a great funnel cloud form. It looked like a great furnace. It formed over the land but settled over the People as they prayed across the land. The Furnace of Prayer that was a great funnel grew in size and intensity as I watched. Then it rose to the Throne in heaven. The Father then nodded and He struck the Funnel of Prayer with a lightning bolt and it broke up into a million little funnels, which then went all over the earth.

Prayer began to break out all over the earth and the whole earth was engulfed in prayer. Great storms swept the earth then. The whole earth was encased in the Storm of the Lord. Then I saw a great eye form within the storm. Wherever the eye was within the storm, great peace was within the storm. People began to gather to

the eye, and gather into the peace, within the storms. Wherever the eye was not, there was no peace, and no relief from the storms that swept the globe. Great unrest and trials overtook all who were not the Lord’s People, but those who knew the Lord were anchored, untouched, and peaceful in the midst of the great difficulties. Prayer was heard throughout the Storms.

Lastly, I saw a Great Trumpet descend from Heaven. It was massive and very powerful. It began to sound and waves swept over the earth. Then I saw the Throne of God descend to the earth. Everything was silent. The vision ended.

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