Saturday, May 8, 2010

A question

As a watchman do I have a responsibility to speak out about distortions and deceptions in media, politics, culture, entertainment, family structure, education, international affairs, financial enterprise and government? Or should I just stay silent about those things and just focus along on Church and the Spirituals? Did Prophets in your Bible restrict themselves to purely "Religious" stuff? Check and see.


Anonymous said...

why would you ask anyone other than god?

Gene said...

This was a rhetorical question. I knew the answer, but it was in response to someone softly questioning me for being involved in political discourse with a prophetic gifting.

I wanted to pose the question to help clarify that of course a prophet is to deal with all the concerns of the time. Or what's a prophet for?

Anonymous said...

it says let everything be confirmed by 2 or more witnesses, spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophets, to say just ask God ? even kings asked for advise and discussions why are we exempt, of course he already knew he was opening up for discussion it is a blog spot