Monday, April 19, 2010

Opening the Eyes of a Spiritually Nearsighted World

From New Wineskins.

First off, apologies for the dearth of posts. It’s marathon weekend here in Boston and that means friends dropping in who I only get to see once a year. It’s also the beginning of school vacation week.

I’m pacing a friend through the last several miles of the marathon this afternoon, then taking Springy on a 1,000 mile driving odyssey to visit colleges the rest of the week. Posting and e-mail responses will be light/terse.

(Please keep the tips coming anyway; most of the best stuff I’ve come up with the last few months has come from astute readers).


When it gets this obvious, even the political media get on the bandwagon (e.g., Rush). For those of you who may hold the man at arms’ length, don’t let the fact that he’s on this bandwagon deter you. In this case, he’s right. After taking a ~36-hour Sabbath from the news, asking the Spirit for guidance, I had come to pretty much the same conclusion without knowing he was on it also.

Here’s one more layer to it:

March 23rd: Obama signs the health death-care bill with 22 black Cross pens, concluding with the quasi-blasphemous allusion: “we are done”.

Exactly 22 days later, the Icelandic volcano erupted.

March 25th, at a speech in Iowa City, Iowa: Obama quipped:

“So after I signed the bill, I looked around to see if there any — (laughter) — asteroids falling or — (applause) — some cracks opening up in the Earth. (Laughter.) It turned out it was a nice day. (Laughter.) Birds were chirping. Folks were strolling down the Mall. People still have their doctors. From this day forward, all of the cynics, all the naysayers — they’re going to have to confront the reality…”

Exactly 22 days later (by Hebrew counting, where sunset begins a new day) a giant fireball, presumably an asteroid, made a spectacular display over five Midwestern states, including Iowa, where the president gave his remarks, and Illinois, his “home” state.

For those of you just joining us, 22 in scripture, is the number associated with, “disorganization and disintegration, especially in connection with the Word of God… It is associated with the worst of Israel’s kings…”

Many volcanoes, are the result of “hot spots”, (e.g., those in Hawaii) or of subduction zones (the closing/convergence of cracks in the earth as plates bash together (Mt. St. Helens is one of these, as are the volcanoes in Japan and South America).

Volcanoes at the margin between oceanic plates, by contrast (such as Iceland) are the result of separation. Such volcanoes are points along cracks in the earth that are getting wider. Lava seeps up from below as the continental plates move away from one another. The Atlantic in particular is one very long sub-oceanic ridge of this type.

The president is absolutely right: People are going to have to confront reality.

If they are unwilling to concede that reality is larger than what they can see, that it is beyond the capacity of any human being to grasp in its fullness, that it is headed by an utterly holy and unchanging Creator God YHWH whose essential Truth, Law and consistent character can be known (because he appeared to us in the flesh, to redeem us, the person of Jesus Christ) then they are asserting a separate, smaller, reflected reality of their own making. They will be awakened to the real reality one way or the other, on one side or the other of a spreading and eventually unbridgeable chasm between light and darkness (just as the Atlantic has become temporarily “unbridgeable” by air travel as a result of the ash cloud).

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