Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm afraid this prophetic word of warning is true, I am seeing it manifesting... from Lyn Grainger

Witch covens and other satanists are going on 40 day plus fasts to attack Christians. I became aware of word warps - the listener hearing/reading different words than what is spoken/written (the message is warped). This is happening frequently now. It is a tool of Satan to stop christian unity and hinder the message going forth.

My people the power and blessing of Unity is being undermined by distrust, division and strife amongst you. The enemy knows that he cannot come against an army of God's people when they have one focus and one goal, to bring glory to Me. The enemy is causing division by many means. One is the distortion of words to each other. Satan is the god of the airwaves and is using word warping, confusing spirits to muddy the waters between believers. I am warning you about this, as the enemy's followers are targeting your marriages, children, health, pets, your home and ministries. He knows that speaking out the Truth in love will change, uplift and encourage the Body, so the hearer of the message hears a different message than the one you speak. Each day before you speak to anyone else or come onto the computer, bind the spirit of word warps, confusing spirits and place the blood over your life, the airwaves and the hearer of the message. Many have had misunderstandings because of this tool of the enemy. The Word of God goes out in truth. Your ministries are under the blood of God and we are a partner in the great commission. Satan's time is short and he will use subtle methods which you aren't even aware of to stop you, hinder you or cause disunity between you. Bless your brother with love, walk in peace with each other, don't let division come among you. See Christ in each other, and if unsure of the message, come to Me and I will give you revelation. Make every effort to keep the peace, believe the best of each other, help each other and so proclaim the heart of God. You are My chosen ones, the sheep in My pasture and the joy of My heart.

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Heart n Hands Inc. said...

This is NOT new! I have seen this, have personally experienced this several times over the past 10+ years of ministry. I have seen words change right before my eyes even!

The Lord shows us such things so we can stand against them and warn others.

Lyn is so right on! Also bind the spirit of leviathan, who operates at distorting communications.

Love STILL prevails and can and does cover a MULTITUDE of sins, I believe even preventing some from happening. satan cannot stand up to pure Love, which is what God IS and what we are to walk in. Which is why scriptures tell us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves...

Thanks for posting this Gene.